Aduro 6

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This functional wood burning stove is incredibly suited to heating many square metres. The large wood chamber makes it possible to burn logs up tp 41 cm long. Aduro 6 is formed in a simple design with soft curves and elegant details. Door, top and drawer in cast iron. 

“The Aduro 6 was created to be a real work horse. It’s a tireless worker with
a spacious combustion chamber and the ability to really heat up a room. Its
design is all about expressing this and blending in with the surroundings for
which the Aduro 6 was intended. These include summer cottages, countrystyle
kitchens and living rooms. The choice of cast iron was intentional as it
has a wonderful coarse-grained surface and provides some unique opportunities
to cast elegant details and curves.”

Designer, Casper Storm

Technical data

Nominal power 7 kW 

Operational area 3-9 kW 

Flue outlet Ø150 mm top/rear 

Heats 30-140 m2

Weight 104 kg 

Distance to combustible material, behind 20 cm, at side 30 cm 

Distance to furniture 110 cm

Width of wood chamber 41 cm

Max log length 40 cm

Dimension in mm (HxWxD) 794 x 560 x 491 mm

Distance from floor to centre of rear outlet 658 mm

Distance from centre of exhaust branch to rear edge of wood burning stove 199 mm

Height exhaust branch above floor level 774 mm

Equipped with Aduro-tronic

Colour black 

Energy efficiency 78,7%

Environmental requirements: Aduro 6 meets all environmental requirements in Europe. Ecolabel/Swan Mark, DIN-plus, CE-mark, EN13240 and the Sintef approval (Norway) 

Possibility of extended warranty