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The satisfaction of our customers means everything to us, and we appreciate the feedback we get from customers. Here you can read some of the feedback we have received.

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User experiences

Aduro H1

”Aduro H1 is a functional stove, that combines a practical heat source (pellet function) with the cozy stove feel. And it is a wood burning stove with a beautiful design and look, that suits most homes. Our guests do not connect it with a pellet stove, and is therefore surprised by the stoves wide range of functions. A very good stove."
Hans Jørgen Eriksen

”By now, we have used the stove frequently and are very happy with its easy control. We alternate regularly between firewood and pellets. We have only got praises for the stove”
Mette and Axel Pallesen

”The stove’s design is very beautiful and fits perfectly in our home. It is hard to see something that could be better."
Hardy Jepsen

”With the Aduro H1 I do not have to keep a constant eye on the stove and put on firewood. The stove can take care of itself for many hours, even if I leave home. What I enjoy the most is the constant heat from the pellet stove."
Kurt Overgaard Andersen

Aduro DraftOptimizer

"We used to have problems with smoke in the living room, sooty glass and trouble lighting up the stove. Now I can enjoy the warmth, light and sound from my wood burning stove."
Palle Nielsen

"Now, we are done with missing draught in the chimney and smoke coming out in to our living room. It is easily controlled with a small remote. And I also think that the neighbors are smiling a little more."
Anne Hasselholm


"Compared to our previous stove we can really feel the di erence. Lighting is easy and we have reduced our rewood use massively."
Bodil Pedersen

Aduro Smart Response

"I always thought I was using my stove correctly, but now I can see that the temperatures at which I was burning were much too high. At the same time it is really smart that it lets you know when it is time to add more rewood."
Preben Brøchner


Through time, several of our products have been reviewed different places. We have gathered some of the reviews below, for you to read.

Fireplace Products

The English fireplace dealer, Fireplace Products has written the following about our new Aduro H1 - The Hybrid Stove:

"Is this the future of wood burning? We certainly think so. The brand new Aduro hybrid stove is on its way, combining everything we love about wood burning stoves with the ingenuity of a pellet stove. Set to be unveiled this summer, the H1 is possibly the most technologically advanced wood burning stove in the world: a WiFi enabled, self-regulating, self-fueling hybrid between a regular wood burner and a super efficient pellet stove."



Bolius, the Danish homeowners’ knowledge center, has written the following about Aduro Smart Response:

”This app can be a control tool that ensures the temperature in your wood burning stove is at a level that minimizes pollution through the chimney. It is beneficial for yourself, your neighbors and for the environment.”


A feinschmecker tests Aduro Prisma

Back in the 1980’s he was one of the pioneers who imported the first container of Weber Grills from USA to Denmark. With a passion for food and drink out of the ordinary, we met with him for a test of our Aduro Prisma Pizza Oven.

Today, Niels Winther Hestbech has turned his passion for coffee into his livelihood. Currently, he runs one of the biggest online companies within coffee and coffee equipment in Denmark.

From baking oven to pizza oven

Niels Winther Hestbech has always had a great passion for food and enjoyed when the family could assemble around a good meal. "There is something ritual and cozy about by having such a gathering point. The living fire," Niels Winther says.

It is a big step to move from a regular oven in the kitchen to a pizza oven outside. The crucial difference is the baking temperature.

"When I was offered to test the pizza oven I was in no doubts that it should be tested. For long I have been trying to decide whether I should have a real stone oven, which can be insanely warm and keep the temperature. However, it takes several hours to heat and is best suited for a large scale operation."

Niels’ experience of Aduro Prisma

Lighting up
Prisma is very easy to light up and use. I used small and big pieces of firewood as instructed, and then otherwise just fired well up in it. After an hour, the oven is warm throughout and ready for use. The first pizza took 2½ minutes, where I turned it 180 degrees a single time during baking. By the third pizza, cooking time was 4-5 minutes. Since I have tested the oven during winter, I choose to use the small "door" when firing. An ingenious feature here could be a small "peak hole" in the door so you can see the pizza at all time.

I used an aluminium mesh to keep the dough from coming into contact with the stones, which worked very well. It makes it easy to get the spade under the dough.

My best advice for a good result:

  1. The pizza dough is crucial for a good pizza. I use the Canadian flour Manitoba with a high protein content that gives the dough its flexibility and structure. The sublime result it achieved by kneading it for 30 minutes in a mixer. The key for an authentic pizza is quite simply the pizza base.
  2. Baking temperature – be sure that the oven is burning hot before you start baking.
  3. Do not overload the pizza and avoid too much liquid or you will get problems with the base. There do not have to be a lot of toppings on the pizza – just a few good ingredients. Keep it simple. It does not have to be unhealthy or expensive.

We do typically make 3-4 different types of pizza, such as potatoes, onion and bacon or extremely thinly cut serrano ham. We are also very successful with kebab pizza at the moment.

Extra accessories

This is where I see a potential for development, that would make the life with Prisma even easier. I miss a brass brush and a scraper with integrated blow pipe.


I have tried a lot of different barbecue equipment, and Aduro Prisma complete my private "machine park". It is going to deliver delicious pizza both summer and winter. And then I could very well imagine using the oven as a cozy object on a warm summer night.