Aduro Stove Fan

Place the Aduro Stove Fan directly on your wood burning stove and optimize the heat circulation in your home.

The Aduro Stove Fan helps circulate the warm air from your wood burning stove more equally and silently throughout the room and thereby increases your comfort (maximum airflow is 255 m³/h). The Aduro Stove Fan requires no batteries or cords and creates its own electricity by converting heat into electricity using a thermoelectric effect. 

When the stove’s top plate surface temperature reaches approximately 65°C or more, a heat sensitive spring will gently tilt the fan and the airflow from the Aduro stove fan will increase as the surface temperature increases. Overheating will reduce the Aduro Stove Fan’s effectiveness and may damage the power generator and invalidate the warranty. If the surface temperature exceeds  345°C, remove your Aduro Stove Fan to avoid permanent damages on the  device. For optimal performance, place the Aduro Stove Fan as indicated on the illustration on the top.