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What is Aduro H1?

The prettiest wood pellet stove in the world? The most user-friendly wood burning stove in the world? Or is it both – and much more. The name of the oven is Aduro H1 – The Hybrid Stove. The name is a signal of future and highlights, that the stove can use both wood pellets and regular firewood. Firewood for the classic and cosy wood fire, and wood pellets for heat.


  • Possibility for remote ignition and programming so it is warm when you get home or arrive at the summer cottage
  • Can burn 24 hours on one filling
  • The stove can burn through the night
  • Quiet operation with pellets and silent with firewood
  • Beautiful flame image
  • Danish design
  • Controlled manually or via smartphone
  • Integrated pellet container in the stove
  • Possibility for external air supply
  • Programming options with weekly program and temperature control
  • Developed in cooperation with NBE, one of the leading manufactures of pellet stoves in Europe with more than 60.000 stoves in operation
  • You can swap between wood pellets and firewood at any time. You can add firewood while using the wood pellets or use it to light firewood
  • The stove can always be used as a classic wood stove without electricity

Turn on with your phone

With Aduro H1, it is possible to light up when you are away from home. You can easily control the stove with your smartphone and follow the combustion at all times. The stove requires connection to a stable wi-fi net in the house. The app works on the most common mobile phones.


Aduro H1 has been thoroughly tested and approved by Institute of Technology for all European standards. The stove adheres to the strictest EU-environmental standards for both wood burning stoves and wood pellet stoves, which applies from 2022.

What our customers say about Aduro H1

”Aduro H1 is a functional stove, that combines a practical heat source (pellet function) with the cozy stove feel. And it is a wood burning stove with a beautiful design and look, that suits most homes. Our guests do not connect it with a pellet stove, and is therefore surprised by the stoves wide range of functions. A very good stove." - Hans Jørgen Eriksen

”By now, we have used the stove frequently and are very happy with its easy control. We alternate regularly between firewood and pellets. We have only got praises for the stove” - Mette and Axel Pallesen

”The stove’s design is very beautiful and fits perfectly in our home. It is hard to see something that could be better." - Hardy Jepsen

”With the Aduro H1 I do not have to keep a constant eye on the stove and put on firewood. The stove can take care of itself for many hours, even if I leave home. What I enjoy the most is the constant heat from the pellet stove." - Kurt Overgaard Andersen

Aduro Hybrid: patent pending


Nominal power

7 kW firewood / 5,5 kW wood pellets

Operational area

2-9 kW (Firewood 3-9 kW / Wood pellets 2-7 kW)


20-140 m2


81% firewood / 86% wood pellets


Flue outlet diameter top/rear

Ø150 mm

Outer dimensions (HxBxD)

120 x 50 x 50,8 cm

Distance from floor to centre of rear outlet

108,2 cm

Distance from centre of exhaust branch to rear edge of stove

25 cm

Height exhaust branch above floor

117 cm

Width of wood chamber

40 cm

Maximum wood length

39 cm

Wood pellets

6 mm

Capacity pellet container

Approx. 15 kg


135 kg

Distance to combustible material


15 cm

To the side

65 cm

Distance to furniture

87,5 cm


EN13420, EN 14785, CE & NS3058




Convection stove

Air-wash system

Primary, secondary and tertiary air supply





Distance to combustible material

How to load H1 with pellets

Aduro H1 comes with integrated pellet storage with room for 15 kilograms of wood pellets. See here, how you load pellets with the supplied funnel.

How to use the app

First screenshot

  • Power Status: Ignition, Heating, Stopped, Wood heating, Turned off, Alarm
  • Heat Level: 1,2,3 or room temperature control
  • Smoke temperature
  • CO level: A green bar is OK. If the bar reaches yellow, the hybrid stove will lower its heat level to 1. If the bar reaches red, the stove with turn off itself.
  • App version
  • Setup button: Here, you can swap between heat level and room temperature control. If the button flashes green, the pellet function is started - but the stove is waiting for the smoke temperature to drop below 100 degrees Celsius. When the smoke temperature is below 100 degrees Celsius, the pellet function will start.

Second screenshot

  • When pressing you change between heat level and room temperature control.

Third screenshot

  • On/off button
  • Guide for setup and language selection (if you want to leave the guide, you must close the app and restart) Sprogvalg og guide for setup (skal du ud af guide lukkes app ned og startes op igen)

How to ensure correct chimney draught with Aduro DraftOptimizer

The burning of pellets requires a stable draft in the chimney. Especially with remote ignition, it is important to ensure a stable and constant draft from the chimney, as it is not possible for you to watch and intervene.

The Aduro DraftOptimizer create the stable and constant draft. See further info here.

When using the Aduro Hybrid Stove with the Aduro DraftOptimizer (ADO) you have two options:

  1. You can control the ADO manually – either via the potentiometer or via the remote control. Be aware of that you should use the same setting/level every time as the Hybrid Stove needs stable draft.
  2. You can let the Aduro Hybrid stove control the ADO.

If you choose option #2, the Aduro Hybrid stove will start the ADO when the stove is in pellet mode. If you switch from pellets to firewood, the stove will keep the ADO running until the smoke temperature is below 50 degrees Celsius.

If you only want ADO to help while lighting the firewood, you can set the stove in pellet mode for one minute before stopping it again. Hereafter, ADO will start for 5 minutes.

How the Hybrid's room temperature control works

The stove adjusts itself to heat levels 1, 2 and 3 and adapts the heat level every 15 minutes after the desired room temperature. If the room temperature is 1 degree greater or less than the desired room temperature, then the heat level will automatically adjust itself (maximum one level at the time). See below for detailed explanation.   

  1. If the stove is off: If the desired room temperature that is selected is higher than the current room temperature the stove will turn on and start operating. The stove starts the ignition process and continues to operate at heat level 3 until the minimum smoke temperature for heat level 1 is reached. Go to point 3 for more detailed information. 
  2. If the stove is operating and the room temperature adjustment function is selected on the app, and the smoke temperature has been greater than the minimum smoke temperature required for heat level 1, then the time is counted in which the room temperature is either more than 1 degree too low or too high. Go to point 3 for more detailed information. 
  3. If the room temperature has a degree, that is more than 1 degree below the desired room temperature, then the stove will automatically move 1 operational heat level up after few seconds at the first level change. If the time in which the room temperature continues to be too low surpasses 10 minutes, then the control system will automatically increase the operational level an additional step up, i.e. from level 2 to 3. If the room temperature is more than 1 degree higher than the desired room temperature, the operational heat level is reduced 1 step down immediately. If the room temperature continues to be more than 1 degree above the desired room temperature for more than 10 minutes, then the control system will move an additional step down, i.e. from level 3 to 2 or from level 2 to 1.

The stove however only changes the heat level one time “immediately”, the other level changes are hereafter taken with a minimum of 10 minutes interval.


Fault/Information Reason Solution
Cannot connect app and stove to Wi-Fi The wifi signal around the stove is too weak. For successful connection, there must be a stable wifi signal where the stove is installed. In case of weak or unstable signal, the use of the stove will be affected. Download wifianalyzer app and check your wifi connection.
Install Wi-Fi router nearby the stove.
Restart app and try again.
You can’t find wifi network after having pushed new software on to the Hybrid stove control Software Close the app.
Disconnect the electricity to the stove.
Connect the electricity to the stove and reboot app and try again.
Start up failed 1 = no pellets
2 = damaged fan
3 = damaged ignitor
Check pellet container
Clean burn cave
CO sensor yellow/red The CO sensor is located in the top of the pellet container to ensure, that the stove is not used without sufficient chimney draught
There are 3 possible reasons for the error:
1 = dirty burn cave
2 = insufficient chimney draught
3 = new pellets with dust and degassing
Depending on reason:
1 = clean burn cave
2 = improve chimney draft – optionally with an Aduro DraftOptimizer
3 = open a window in the room and leave the stove's front door open for 10 minutes.
The bag of pellets kan be opened 24 hours ahead to allow degassing from the pellets.
The stove goes into heat level 1 + 100% fan power when the CO sensor reaches the yellow zone.
Alarm: Air vent 2 closed Possibly closed because of cleaning? Open air vent. See user manual.
Alarm: Door open Door is open
Damaged door contact
Close door
If the alarm remains active, contact a service technician.
Alarm: No fuel 1 = check pellet container Buy pellets
Or use firewood
Alarm: No fuel (falsely activated alarm) The stove temperature is too low for the selected heat level Check the installation to ensure sufficient chimney draught.
Adjust air regulator for firewood to position 5 (see user manual)
Alarm: ignition failed Insufficient chimney draught.
Empty pellet container
Check the installation to ensure sufficient chimney draught.
Check pellet container
Soot on the glass. Pellet combustion will always leave dust on the windows Insufficient chimney draught.
Air regulator for firewood is closed and the window's function is closed
Check the installation to ensure sufficient chimney draught.
Adjust air regulator for firewood to position 2-3 (see user manual)
Pellet function is interrupted after loading of firewood The door has not been closed correctly
The door has been open for more than 3 minutes
Close door, t-contact.
Close the door within 3 minutes
Pellets accumulate in the burn cave Insufficient chimney draught.
Dirty burn cave.
Burn cave is not aligned correctly.
New type of pellets
Depending on reason:
Clean burn cave.
Adjust air regulator for firewood to position 5 (see user manual).
Align burn cave correctly, so there are no gaps by the bottom and sides.
If the draft is to high, it can be adjusted by installing a flue pipe damper or draft regulator.

Use the same type of pellets as you have used before.

Contact service technician to get pellet amount and fan adjusted



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