Aduro H2 - Stylish hybrid stove without side glass

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Shift between wood and pellets with Aduro H2 hybrid stove

What is Aduro H2? The prettiest wood pellet stove in the world? The most user-friendly wood burning stove in the world? Or is it both – and much more. The name of the oven is Aduro H2 – The Hybrid Stove. The name is a signal of future and highlights, that the stove can use both wood pellets and regular firewood. Firewood for the classic and cosy wood fire, and wood pellets for heat.

Aduro H2 has no side glass. This gives the possibility for shorter distance to combustible materials.

With Aduro H2 you will have:

  • Controlled manually or via smartphone
  • Programming options with weekly program and temperature control
  • Possibility for external air supply
  • Aduro-tronic automatic


Nominal power

7,0 kW firewood / 6,8 kW wood pellets

Operational area

2-9 kW (Firewood 3-9 kW / Wood pellets 2-7 kW)


20-140 m2

Energy efficiency

81% firewood / 87% wood pellets

Energy efficiency index


Energy efficiency class


Power consumption

30 Watt

Chimney draught

According to EN13240 and EN14785. 10-14 Pa with a cold stove.


Flue outlet diameter top/rear


Ø150 mm


Outer dimensions (HxBxD)


120 x 50 x 50,8 cm


Distance from floor to centre of rear outlet


108,2 cm


Distance from centre of exhaust branch to rear edge of stove


25 cm


Height exhaust branch above floor


117,8 cm


Width of wood chamber


40 cm


Maximum wood length


39 cm


Wood pellets (ENplus A1 quality)   


6 mm


Capacity pellet container


Approx. 15 kg




135 kg


Distance to combustible material


15 cm

To the side

45 cm

Distance to furniture

90 cm


EN13420, EN14785, CE, NS3058 & Ecodesign 2022



Distance to combustible material

For user manual for Aduro H2, click here.

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