What the users say about Aduro Hybrid

The user satisfaction of our customers means everything to us, and we appreciate all feedback we get from users of our stoves. Here you can read some of the feedback we have received.

A great decision and investment

”To us, the stove is almost a ’life event’, and it plays a central role in our reconstruction. A wood stove is always wonderful and creates a lot of atmosphere. But Aduro H1 adds the genius that is takes care of itself by using the wooden pellets! After a daily quick refill, it runs quite impeccably, continuously and virtually silently centrally in our 'new' home. And with the stove’s connection to the internet, the operation is so easy and almost ’flashy’.”

”While children of the parent in our social circle obviously cannot turn on the stove at home after school, the situation is different in our home. Here, they press a button and the stove is lit. Or even better; we can light up the stove at home from our workplaces through our smartphones and your app. It is quite simply so incredibly innovative and brilliant that it is necessary to praise it. If we want to use the stove with firewood, we can just add wood to the stove and the stove automatically shuts off the pellet function, just like it automatically turns on if we forget to add firewood.”

Christina Gede and Jacob Tøjner

A great and functional stove

"Aduro H1 is a functional stove, that combines a practical heat source (pellet function) with the cozy stove feel. And it is a wood burning stove with a beautiful design and look, that suits most homes. Our guests do not think of it as a pellet stove, and therefore they are surprised by the stove’s wide range of functions. A very good stove."

Hans Jørgen Eriksen

Nothing but praises

”By now, we have used the stove frequently and are very happy with its easy control. We alternate regularly between firewood and pellets. We have only got praises for the stove”

Mette og Axel Pallesen

Beautiful design, which fits perfectly in our home

”The stove’s design is very beautiful and fits perfectly in our home. It is hard to see something that could be better."

Hardy Jepsen

No more watching out and adding firewood

”With the Aduro H1 I do not have to keep a constant eye on the stove and put on firewood. The stove can take care of itself for many hours, even if I leave home. What I enjoy the most is the constant heat from the pellet stove."

Kurt Overgaard Andersen

Fireplace Products

The English fireplace dealer, Fireplace Products has written the following about our Aduro H1:

"Is this the future of wood burning? We certainly think so. The brand new Aduro hybrid stove is on its way, combining everything we love about wood burning stoves with the ingenuity of a pellet stove. Set to be unveiled this summer, the H1 is possibly the most technologically advanced wood burning stove in the world: a WiFi enabled, self-regulating, self-fueling hybrid between a regular wood burner and a super efficient pellet stove."