Aduro 16

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Give your fireplace new life with Aduro 16 

With Aduro 16, you can transform your existing fireplace into an environmentally friendly and effective heating source. With its small size, the wood burning stove is designed to fit directly into the existing fireplace. 

The large glass door gives you a beautiful view of the flames and the Aduro-tronic automatic control ensures that the fire is automatically supplied with exactly the right amount of air during the stoking of the stove. You can read more about Aduro-tronic here


Nominal power


5,0 kW


Operational area


2-7 kW




30-120 m2


Energy efficiency




Energy class





Flue outlet top/rear

Ø150 mm

Dimension (HxWxD)

56,4 x 46,2 x 41,9 cm

Distance from centre of exhaust branch to rear edge of wood burning stove

10,6 cm

Height exhaust branch above floor level

54,6 cm

Width of wood chamber

37 cm

Max log length

36 cm

Distance to combustible material


30 cm

At side

23 cm

To furniture

107,5 cm

Corner arrangement

13 cm

Behind stove with insulated flue pipe

25 cm

At side with insulated flue pipe

27,5 cm

Corner arrangement with insulated flue pipe

8 cm

To furniture with insulated flue pipe

115 cm


Ecolabel, DIN EN13240, CE, Defra, NS3058 & Ecodesign 2022



Convection stove


Air-wash system


Primary, secondary and tertiary air supply 




For user manual for Aduro 16, click here.


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