How to install your new stove

It is important that the stove can be mounted where you want it. You have to be sure that the placing is in accordance with the legislation in the current country. Be especially aware of the the size of the stove and the distance to flammable materials. Convection stoves like the ones Aduro sells can typically be placed closer to flammable materials than radiant heat stoves.

Distance to combustible materials

If the stove is placed next to a brick wall or other inflammable materials, there isn´t any minimums demand to the distance. To make cleaning as easy as possible and to make the best use of the convection air, we recommend a distance of 5-10 cm to the wall.

If the stove stand next to flammable materials, the minimum distance to flammable materials has to be filfilled. If you look at this site under products, you can find the distance for Aduro stoves. If you don´t fell sure about the measurement, you can ask your dealer, your local authorities or your chimney sweeper. You and the one who might help you install the stove have full responsibility that the existing rules are kept. The chimney sweeper has to make an approval of the stove before use.

Notice: To be able to place a stove on flammable materials like a wooden floor or carpet, you need to place an inflammable plate between the stove and the floor. The size of the plate depends on the size of the stove. The plate has to be 30 cm bigger in the front and 15 cm to each side.

Connection to brick chimney

If the stove needs to be mounted to a brick chimney, you have to use an elbow rounded flue pipe with a diameter of 150 mm. When you have made the hole in the chimney, you place the wall sleeve into the chimney and make it airtight with mortar. Then you place the stove and mount the pipe. You can place a thin packagign between the pipe and the wall asleeve. he pipe has to reach 5-10 cm into the wall sleeve - but be aware that it doesn´t block the hole in the chimney.

The chimney's placement

You can read more about the chimney's placement and its importance, as well as the importance of proper chimney draft here.

Did you know...

that it is possible to increase your stove's efficiency by 5-7%, if you choose a top exit and extend with a meter of uninsulated flue pipe. By doing this, you keep the heat in the room instead of leading it away into the chimney.