Maintaining and cleaning your wood burning stove

With time, the silver coloured gaskets in the door and ashpan will wear, and, in order to avoid wild combustion, they must be replaced as required.

If the wood you burn is too moist, you will get soot stains on the glass pane. They can be easily removed using a damp cloth that you dip in cold ash and rub on the sooty glass. Special cleaning agents are also available to remove soot from glass.

It is common maintenance to tighten the glass fittings shortly after the stove has been installed as well as to check if the gaskets are properly placed.

Combustion chamber 
The yellow tiles in the combustion chamber eventually wear out and they should be replaced when the cracks are more that 0.5 cm wide. The durability of the tiles will depend on how often and how intensively the stove is used. You can change the tiles yourself. They are available as a ready-to-use set. You can also buy one-piece tiles that you can cut to the size of the worn plates yourself. Visit our webshop

Empty the ash drawer before it becomes completely full. Always leave a layer of ash on the bottom of the stove, as this insulates the combustion chamber and makes lighting a fire easier. 

Cleaning the stove
The stove's surface is treated with a heat-resistant Senotherm® paint, which will stay at its best just by being vacuumed with a small, soft mouthpiece or dusted with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use spirit or other solvents which will remove the paint.

The inside of the fireplace insert and the flue pipe can be cleaned via the door and the cleaning aperture in the flue pipe/chimney. The upper fireproof tile (the exhaust deflector) can be removed, allowing access to the top of the fireplace insert. Cleaning of the inside of the fireplace insert and the flue pipe should be undertaken at least once a year, or more frequently if necessary, depending on how often the fireplace insert is used. This work can also be carried out by the chimney sweep. 

Please note: All maintenance and cleaning of the fireplace insert should be carried out when it is cold.

Spare parts and unauthorized alterations 
You may only use original spare parts in the stove. Consult your dealer for advice and when purchasing spare parts. All forms of unauthorized alterations to the stove are strictly forbidden, as the stove will no longer comply with the approved specifications.

Repairing the surface
Aduro wood burning stoves have been painted with a heat-resistant spray paint which can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees. The advantage of this type of paint is that it is super easy to repaint the stove or fix a scratch in the surface. Everybody can do it and get a perfect result.
The disadvantage, however, is that the paint is sensitive to scratches and moisture and that the surface therefore isn't as resistant as when for example powder coating has been used.
So if the surface on your wood burning stove gets scratched or worn, it can easily be refaced/renewed using the original Senotherm® paint in an aerosol can. It is available in black or grey from your local dealer.