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Aduro 1.1SK is the embodiment of cosy, crackling warmth, and its clean lines will fit into any home. The round shape makes for a serene, harmonious stove as a natural extension of the shape of the chimney. To underline this, the front is completely smooth, with the door handle and the air-regulating handles fully integrated into the stove.
The curved glass utilises the view of the flames to the full. The door is reinforced with curves and corner welding, and the bottom grate is made of cast iron. 

The stove is equipped with soapstone tiles on the sides and the top. Soapstone is decorative and functional at the same time. It is a natural product that absorbs heat and releases it gradually over time, and each stone has unique colouring and structure.


Nominal power


6,0 kW


Operational area


3-9 kW




30-140 m2


Energy efficiency




Energy class





Flue outlet top/rear


Ø150 mm


Dimension (HxWxD)


104,5 x 50 x 45 cm


Distance from floor to centre of rear outlet


88,8 cm


Distance from centre of exhaust branch to rear edge of wood burning stove


19,5 cm


Height exhaust branch above floor level


99,5 cm


Width of wood chamber


37 cm


Max log length


36 cm




113 kg


Distance to combustible material


17 cm

At side

45 cm

Behind stove with insulated flue pipe

12 cm

Corner arrangement

30 cm

To furniture

100 cm


Ecolabel, DIN-Plus, NS3058, CE, EN13240 & Ecodesign 2022



Convection stove


Air-wash system


Primary, secondary and tertiary air supply 




Fixed baffle plate

Possibility of extended warranty


Distance to combustible material

For user manual for Aduro 1.1SK, click here.


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