Firing in the stove

Which wood is best to use in the stove?
We recommand to use chopped bich- or beechwood, there has been storaged outside under roof for at least 1 year . Wood which has been keept inside, has a tendency to become to dry and burn o fast. It is best to chop the wood in the winter where the moistness is good. The wood has to be chopped in pieces of 10 cm. To achieve the best burning, the moist in the wood must not be more than 18% which can be achieved by storaging the wood outside under roof for 1 year. To measure the moist in the wood, you can use a moist indicator. You can also put washing-up liquid in one end of the wood and blow in the other end, if soap bobbles occur, the wood is dry and ready for use. See more here.

How to light the stove?
How you start your fire is very important to achieve a quick and effective combustion. Therefore we have made a guidance in order to show and describe for you, how you ought to light the stove. Please have a look here.

How to fire in the stove?
To get the best combustion, you need to regulate the effect with the fire. Little pieces of wood gives heavier combustion than large pieces of wood, because the surface is bigger and more gas is released.

The amount of wood in the combustion chamber is also important. For normal use don´t place more than 2 pieces of wood in the oven at one time. If you want a heavier effect, you can put more wood into the stove.

When you put new wood in the stove, you have to open for the primary air at the bottom of the door until the fire is burning well. The longer you wait before you put new wood in the oven, the better effect you get from the wood. It is best, if you have to let the primary air be open for up to 2 minutes when firing new wood into the oven, to get brigt flames again.

To reduce the risk of ash dropping on the floor, when you open the door, it is a good idea to open the damper in the ash draw a minute beforre opening the door. It makes a stronger draught in the stove and reduces the risk for ash dropping from the stove.

Bad draw in the chimney
If the chimney is to low, not tight or poorly isolated, there can be problems with the draw in the chimney. You can ask your chimney sweeper. The draw must be about 15 Pascal. If the draw is okay, you can try to lengthen the time it take to get the fire started. If you use several small kindlings, the chimney gets warmer. The draw in the chimney isn´t optimal, before it is hot.