Aduro Prisma Pizza Oven

Aduro Prisma Pizza Oven is designed by the award-winning Danish designer Torben Madsen. The pizza oven is a functional and sculptural piece of furniture for the terrace which functions both as a pizza oven and a fireplace.

  • Natural stone oven
  • Perfect for baking pizza and bread
  • Danish design

Inside, the pizza oven is tiled with heat-resistant stones which accumulate the heat and release the perfect heat for baking. Once the fire has been lit with kindling and smaller pieces of wood, the wood/embers are pushed aside, and the pizza can be baked. Alternately, the front door can be taken off and the oven can be used as an open fireplace. 

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The pizza oven is now available in two variants: In black quality steel and corten steel:

Aduro Pizza oven, black
Pizza Oven, corten steel

The corten steel will through usage get an elegant patina finish which comes naturally as the outdoor elements have their way with the fireplace. The material will also provide a one of a kind coverage in rust, which is very resistant, and will keep your fireplace as an enjoyment center on your terrace for years. Both variants can be placed outside all year round.

How to accelerate the patina process
The patina finish process can be accelerated by spraying the fireplace with a salt water mixture. If done regularly your fireplace will get the red glowing patina finish in no time. Continue the spraying until the desired result is achieved. 

Measures (HxWxD): 67,7 x 72 x 72 centimetres 
Weight: 98 kilograms

Ensure good working conditions

To ensure good working conditions when the pizzas are baking, Torben Madsen has designed “Aduro Prisma, Base” which lifts up the pizza oven from the ground. At the same time, it’s possible to store firewood underneath it.

Material: black quality steel 
Measurements (HxWxD): 59,3 x 71,3 x 71,3 cm 
Weight: 23 kg

Aduro Pizza Oven with base


As accessory, Aduro offers a special designed ash scraper with a build-in blow poke. The tool is ideal for moving the embers to the sides and for keeping the fire alive. Aduro Prisma Ash Scraper can be bought directly through our webshop.

Material: Stainless steel
Dimensions (LxW): 55 x 15 cm

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