Claim registration

If you experience any errors or deficiencies in your product, you can find help in our Customer Service Center. Here, you will find interesting content about installation and maintenance of your stove as well as support related information. We therefore kindly ask you to visit the Customer Service Center before registering a claim.

If you want to register a claim, please fill in the form below. Complaints are dealt with only on the basis of a completed form. According to Danish purchasing law, you have a two-year right of complaint from the date of purchase of the wood burning stove. Receipt with date is valid as proof. You can read more about the conditions for your stove here:

  1. Aduro wood burning stove
  2. Asgård wood burning stove
  3. Aduro Hybrid

Before you proceed, you need to get the following three things (scanned files and photos can maximum be 2Mb per piece):

  1. A copy of your receipt
  2. Photo 1: Of the stove and chimney inside 
  3. Photo 2: Of the problem itself 
  4. Photo 3: The installation outside 
  5. The stove’s production number*

Note: The claim form cannot be sent without three attached pictures. If your complaint concerns a spare part, accessory or outdoor product, you can simply attach three identical photos of the fault.

*Production number:

You will need the production number when you fill in the claim form. For most of our stoves, the production number is stamped on the front page of the user manual, but you can also find it on the rating plate on the backside of the stove.

There are a few exceptions:

  • Aduro 9.4 and 15.3: find the production number on the rating plate underneath the stove
  • Aduro 5.1: find the production number on the rating plate on the back of the stove. The number is also stamped on the inside at the bottom of the door.
  • Aduro Hybrid: find the production number on the inside of the pellet chamber door

This is an example of a rating plate and where to find the production number.

Important: You need to fill in all blanks marked by * to send the claim form

You will receive an e-mail confirming that we’ve received your e-mail and subsequently an email reply.

Fill in claim form here