Wood burning stoves with simple use and clean combustion

Aduro stoves give you

We help you do the right thing!

More than 300.000 stove owners across Europe has chosen Aduro to heat up their homes. With an elegant Scandinavian design and more than 25 models that can fit your home, we have made it easy to choose a wood burning stove.

All Aduro stoves are sustainably designed with user-friendliness in mind. We constantly develop products and systems that reduces the amount of smoke coming from the chimney. For example, if the draft in your chimney is either too high or too low, Aduro Draftoptimizer is the solution. Aduro-tronic ensures that you get the most from the firewood, while the intelligent thermometer Aduro Smart Response makes you a true fireman.

The complete solution

We can provide you with the whole package – from kindling and stoves to chimneys and smoke fan. We can proudly say that we make it easy to fire properly and make the most of your wood burning stove.