Danish wood burning stoves

• Easy to use
• Aduro-tronic automatic: Reduce your firewood usage with up to 40 %
• Great value for your money
• Highest ecological standard and clean combustion
• Adjustable power output
• Danish design and technology
• Quality products. Up to 5 years warranty. Buy spare parts online at

Aduro Smart Response

Lighting a fire correctly and getting the most out of your wood burning stove should be easy. That’s why Aduro has launched a new version of the Aduro Smart Response app which can be used for all types of wood burning stoves regardless of brand and model.

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Pizza oven

Aduro Prisma Pizza Oven

Are you dreaming of homemade pizzas with a taste of Italy? This spring we are launching a brand new pizza oven, Aduro Prisma, designed by the award winning designer Torben Madsen.

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Success with your stove

Spare parts for your stove

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Aduro offers a wide range of optional extras to complete your experience of a real fire - both aesthetically and functionally.

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Advice and guidance

Here you will find useful information about how to choose, install and maintain your stove and how to burn correctly.

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