Aduro Hybrid - The wood burning stove of the future

Aduro Hybrid combines the best of two worlds – you get environmentally friendly heating from wood pellets as well as the cosy ambience of firewood.

You can use Aduro Hybrid as a classic, environmentally friendly wood burning stove with cosy flames, silent operation and a charm that only real firewood can provide. You can always heat your home, even when the power is out. With the option of using wood pellets, the hybrid stove offers new opportunities. With a clear conscience, you can let the stove burn overnight and heat up the house when you are not at home. The Aduro Hybrid series represents a new type of wood burning stoves with a high level of user-friendliness and advanced technology wrapped in a stylish, Nordic design. See our selection of hybrid stoves here.

JANUARY 2021 - We introduce Aduro Hybrid Version 2 (applies to all Hybrid stoves)

The stove that turned the world‘s expectations for a wood burning stove upside down now has a number of improvements. You cannot see them with the naked eye, but you can feel them in the operation.

     ✓ Performance: optimized combustion / improved auger to move up the pellets / less sensible to different
          types of pellets.
     ✓ Range: better Wi-Fi compatibility and faster connection.
     ✓ App: opportunity to fine-tune heat level and timetable (1-hour intervals).

Our concept is thoroughly tested. The most used Hybrid stoves have burned more than 4.400 hours per year, equalling 183 days of operation day and night. Learn more about the specifics of the hybrid stove below.