Introducing: The Aduro Bio Stoves!

The elegant exterior beautifully frames the living flames and opens up an enchanting view of the fire.

Wall-mounted stove in an exclusive design

A wall-mounted stove enhances the fire in the most beautiful way, and with the large glass door the Aduro 22.4 Lux gets an exclusive look.


Why invest in a wood burning stove?

It provides security of supply and creates a cozy atmosphere.
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Simple operation with Aduro-tronic

Aduro-tronic automatically regulates the primary air of your wood burning stove with one simple pull. Put firewood in the stove, ignite it and enjoy the warmth. It doesn't get any simpler than that.

Get great tips & tricks

How do you light a fire correctly? Which type of fuel is best? And why is a wood-burning stove a good investment? Get tips and tricks here in our knowledge universe here.