We have the right heat source for you

No matter if you want an effective pellet stove, a cosy wood burning stove or a hybrid stove that combines it all, we have a solution for you.


Slender wood stove that fits into small spaces

The Aduro 22 series consists of slender and elegant stoves that fit perfectly into rooms with a limited amount of space due to the short depth of the stoves.


The perfect firewood basket

The perfect firewood basket makes it easy to carry firewood and decorates nicely by your stove. Find the perfect basket for your home.

See the large selection of baskets here.

Elegant companion set for your living room

Practical is not necessarily boring. With a companion set from Aduro you get a stylish design, that fits beautifully in the living room.

See all Aduro companion sets here.

Use up to 40% less firewood

Aduro-tronic automatically regulates the primary air of your wood burning stove with a simple pull - this gives you easy operation. Tests have shown that an Aduro 1 with an incorrectly adjusted damper burns up to 40% more wood than an Aduro 1 with Aduro-tronic. It won't get easier than that.

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All about wood burning stoves

Are you unsure about lighting a fire? Do you need guidance on which fuel is the most economical and environmentally friendly? On our content site tips.adurofire.com you'll find articles and good advice on how to make it fun and easy too be a wood burning stove owner.

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