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Image a stove that can be programmed, so it is warm when you get home from work, or which can ignite by itself. Or burn all through the night. Actually the future is already here - it is called Aduro H1 - The Hybrid Stove. The stove is a combination of the best from a wood stove and a pellet stove, with a simple interface. Firewood for the cosiness and pellets for heating.
We are proud of the result and are looking forward to show you even more of Aduro H1 for the coming months.

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Aduro 18 wood burning stove in cast iron

News - Aduro 18 cast iron stove

Our newest stove, Aduro 18, is an elegant and sturdy cast iron stove which offers a broad view of the flames. The surface is coarse-grained and a lot of time has been spent on the details which amongst other things include elegant rounded corners. 


New smoke exhauster - Aduro DraftOptimizer

Are you experiencing problems lighting the fire? Smoke in the living room when the door is opened? Bad combustion and smoke in the neighbourhood? We can help you. Aduro DraftOptimizer ensures a constant even draught in the chimney and reduces smoke and smell nuisances. 

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More than 250,000 customers throughout Europe have selected Aduro to warm their homes. With sleek Scandinavian design and more than 30 models to suit your home (of which 14 are suitable for use in smokeless areas), you’ll be spoilt for choice.


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Aduro catalog 2017/2018

Our new Aduro catalog is full of news, inspirations, ideas and of course all our beautiful wood burning stoves. Click through our catalog online.

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Burn wisely, save up to 40%

Load your wood, light up and let the patented Aduro-Tronic Automatic take over. That’s all it takes to achieve optimal combustion and reduce your wood consumption by up to 40%.

It won't geat easier than that.

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Aduro Smart Response

Use less firewood and have clean smoke emanating from your chimney when you use the intelligent thermometer Aduro Smart Response. Aduro Smart Response is the first app for wood burning stoves which ensures correct combustion and optimal use of your firewood.

Buy your Smart Response before November 30th to save 50 %.

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