Why you should invest in a wood burning stove

There are many reasons to invest in a wood burning stove. Read the most important benefits of owning a wood burning stove here.

The wood stove provides security of supply

With the energy crisis of the past years as a result of COVID19 and the war between Russia and Ukraine, alternative heating sources such as wood burning stoves have become particularly relevant. Modern wood burning stoves are efficient and can (depending on the model) heat up to 140 m2. This means that you can turn down the expensive heat from your primary heat source and use your wood burning stove as a supplementary heat source. Furthermore, the wood burning stove does not need electricity and can always provide heat, even though the power cuts off. Therefore, the wood burning stove provides security of supply – and a nice flexibility when the heating prices suddenly skyrocket.

Wood burning is cheap heating

A wood burning stove is also a good investment because firing with wood is cheap. The Danish Technological Institute has made several measurements that firing with wood is significantly cheaper than other heat sources. With the current high energy prices, the cost savings will be remarkable.

In addition, the combustion technology in wood burning stoves has been significantly improved over the last decades. This means, among other things, that new modern stoves utilize wood more efficiently and can reduce your wood consumption up to 40 %. If you’re considering replacing your old wood burning stove with a new stove with modern automation, you can follow the link below to calculate the payback period of the new stove.


New and improved combustion technology

The technology in modern wood burning stoves is designed to optimize the combustion and make it easier for you to fire correctly. In comparison, a new wood burning stove today emits 70% fewer particles than a new wood burning stove from 2005 did. The improvement is so remarkable, that most modern wood burning stoves not only comply with the law’s limit value for particle emission but are actually significantly below the limit (Source: DAPO). Simply make sure to use dry wood in good quality and fire according to the instructions, then the stove will do the rest.


A wood burning stove is easy to maintain

A wood burning stove is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. When you just make sure to remove excess ashes, clean the air ducts once in a while, and replace the worn parts with new ones when needed, your wood burning stove can last for many years. Aduro’s wood burning stoves have an average service life of approximately 20 years.

The wood burning stove creates a cozy atmosphere

Sitting in front of a lit wood burning stove and enjoy the crackling sound and the beautiful color from the flames creates a cozy and meditative atmosphere, that can get everyone to relax. For many wood burning stove owners it is especially the coziness around the lit wood burning stove which makes it an indispensable part of the home. Scientists have even concluded that a regular amount of coziness-by-the-stove can lower the blood pressure and thus prevent stress.