Aduro Fresh Air Kit, Ø80 mm

A complete kit for the installation of a fresh air system that supplies the stove with fresh air from outside and directly into the stove, ensuring a sufficient amount of combustion air - also in modern, well-insulated homes.

The kit must be bought separately and fits all Aduro stoves with an option for external air supply (Aduro 9 air, Aduro 9 Lux Ceramic, Aduro 9.3 Lux, Aduro 9.5 Lux, Aduro 9.7 Lux, Aduro 12, Aduro 15 Lux, Aduro 17, Aduro 17.1 Lux, the Aduro 22 series, Aduro Hybrid). The kit contains all parts necessary for an installation on the back of the stove.

Aduro Fresh Air Kit is the optimal choice for wood burning stoves in well-insulated homes.



Aduro Fresh Air Kit contains:

  A. External stainless screws  - 4 pcs.
  B. External PVC grit for an external wall
  C. Flexible pipe, Ø 125 mm, 50 cm
  D. Condense packing
  E. Coupling for the wall
  F. Black head interior screws
  G. Pipe cover made of steel, adjustable
  H. Anti-condense insulation mat
    I. Flexible pipe, Ø 80 mm, 50 cm
   J. Clamps – 2 pcs.

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