About Aduro

Aduro develops, produces, and markets wood burning stoves, hybrid stoves and pellet stoves and has successfully achieved a position amongst the five largest manufactures of wood burning stoves in Europe. We specialize in developing high-technology stoves with modern combustion principles which are also user-friendly. Our innovative solutions have led to patents on several products, and it is our vision to keep being front-runners on the market. We do not compromise with product quality, and we always seek to combine aesthetics with attractive prices. This is why more than 450,000 Europeans have an Aduro stove in their homes.

Winner of the European Business Award for the Environment
In 2018, Aduro was awarded with the prestigious European Business Award for the Environment on a national level. The award was given for the innovative product Aduro Hybrid in the category “Sustainable products and services”. The European Business Awards for the Environment pays tribute to the most environmentally conscious companies in Europe, thus aiming to promote innovative and sustainable initiatives. You can read more about the award here.

Aduro and the environment
All our stoves comply with the requirements of the European environmental directive, Ecodesign 2022. We strive to make it easy to fire correctly and thus achieve a cleaner combustion with minimal CO2 and particle emissions. Therefore, all our wood burning and hybrid stoves have, among other things, automatic regulation of the air supply.

In addition, Aduro ensures the growth of trees and forests through restoring of forests and sustainable forestry. Aduro invests in large areas of forest, in which we expect an annual sustainable growth of wood corresponding to the consumption in approx. 10,000 Aduro stoves. Read more about the sustainable forestry of Aduro here.

Sustainable initiatives
Aduro has a number of sustainable initiatives: We recycle plastic waste from Danish households to produce the plastic funnel for Aduro Hybrid stoves and the plastic insert for our Ø45 firewood baskets. We choose reusable materials such as ceramic glass and steel for the production of the stoves, and we remelt all metal waste from production into usable parts - e.g., cast iron grates. We value high quality, which is why Aduro stoves have an average service life of approx. 20 years. Moreover, we promise a 10-year guarantee on the supply of original spare parts to make it easy to maintain your stove for a long time. Has the time come to replace your stove, we encourage you to assort the materials and return them at a recycle station, so that they can come to use elsewhere.

High quality at attractive prices
Across Europe, Aduro has established itself as a supplier of quality stoves in a simple and minimalist design. Efficiency and cost-consciousness throughout the value chain from production to end customer ensures that the consumer gets high quality at a favourable price. We are constantly working on developing new stoves which take the consumers’ demands for design and function into consideration.