Create your own outdoor universe

As humans we are very fond of lighting a fire - whether inside or outside. During winter we cuddle up under the blanket in front of the wood stove, whereas during the summer time we enjoy the long, bright evenings with live fire on the terrace.

With the outdoor products from Aduro you can create your own outdoor universe and thus enjoy the long summer evenings outside. Enjoy the heat from the fireplace or roast delicious s'mores over the fire ball.

Learn more about our outdoor products and get inspired to create your personal outdoor universe.

Aduro Fire Ball

Aduro Fire Ball is a beautiful and harmonic fire ball perfect for gathering the family. Light the Fire Ball and enjoy an evening outside by the live fire.

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Aduro Outdoor Fireplace

Aduro Fireplace decorates nicely on the terrace and is the ideal gathering point on warm summer evenings.

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