We take responsibility and care for the environment

For more than 700,000 Danish families, wood burning is an indispensable part of everyday life. It constitutes an important contribution to Europe's energy infrastructure and our cultural heritage. Unfortunately, the wood burning stove has become a controversial figure in the debate on the environment and sustainability. At Aduro, we believe that it is possible to combine the comfort and cosiness of the wood burning stove with a responsible consideration for our planet. You can read more about our environmental initiatives below.

Our stoves meet current standards and legal requirements

As a wood burning stove manufacturer, we have a responsibility to ensure that our products meet current standards and legal requirements. All our stoves comply with the strictest environmental standards in Europe, including the European environmental directive Ecodesign. Additionally, we offer a wide range of DEFRA approved wood burning stoves for use in smokeless areas. You can read more about the environmental directives here.

Aduro Hybrid wins the European Business Award for the Environment

In 2018, Aduro was awarded with the prestigious European Business Award for the Environment on a national level. The award was given for the innovative product Aduro Hybrid in the category “Sustainable products and services” as Aduro Hybrid significantly reduces emissions compared to even the best wood burning stoves. Read more about the Aduro Hybrid here.

CO2-neutral firing?

Wood burning is 97% CO2-neutral and can serve as an important transitional technology. The wood used as fuel often comes from hedges, gardens, and residual products from timber production. These residual products would otherwise have emitted CO2 through decomposition, but by burning them in the wood burning stove, their potential is utilised to replace oil and gas. Read more here.

Minimal particle emissions

When you light a fire in your wood burning stove, particles are emitted, but with a modern wood burning stove and proper firing, you can significantly minimise this particle emission. Today, modern hybrid stoves equipped with the latest technology emit 80-90% less smoke than their older counterparts. For wood burning stoves, the figure is 70%. If you want to care for the environment and still enjoy the living flames, you should replace your old wood burning stove with a new one. And if you choose a wood burning stove with automation, where you can automatically control the air and smoke, you can achieve even cleaner combustion and save on your wood consumption.

We ensure the growth of trees and forests

Forests are an important tool in reducing our CO2 footprint, and that's why we invest in large areas of forest in Lithuania, managed sustainably. Here, we expect to achieve an annual area of tree growth equivalent to the consumption in about 10,000 Aduro stoves. Read more about the project here.