Aduro-tronic automatic control (applies only to Aduro wood burning stoves)

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Minimal effort – improved combustion

New wood burning stoves burn clean, efficient and environmentally friendly when used correctly. To achieve a good combustion, the air to the combustion chamber must be controlled very precisely with a few minutes interval every time wood is added to the fire, but in practice this is often forgotten. With the patented Aduro-tronic automatic control, the primary air supply is automatically regulated, so you do not have to regulate the combustion. You will just have to put dry wood in the stove, light it up and activate the automatic control. This means less work, less wood use and an improved combustion. Tests have shown that an Aduro 1 equipped with Aduro-tronic burns up to 40% less wood per hour than the same stove with an incorrectly adjusted damper. 

Improved fuel economy and combustion

A wood burning stove that is used incorrectly has a significantly higher consumption of wood, as well as a significant particle emission. Measurements made by the Danish Environmental Research in residential neighborhoods shows that some wood burning stoves are not operated correctly, thereby discharging a larger number of particles in the smoke. 

With Aduro-tronic you get:

  • Improved comfort and easy use – the wood burning stove regulates the primary air itself
  • More heat for your money – read more in the test below
  • A clean and environmentally friendly combustion – minimum discharge of particles
  • A simple solution for greater enjoyment


All Aduro wood burning stoves comes equipped with Aduro-tronic by default.

How important is Aduro-tronic?

The answer depends on how well you use your stove, and how often you regulate the air. If you use your stove correctly - i.e. using the damper properly every two minutes during the first 6 minutes after each re-firing - you will save 0%. If, on the other hand, you use your wood burning stove with the primary damper completely open throughout the firing, you will be able to achieve a saving of 40%. Therefore, the savings are up to 40% depending on how often and how well you regulate the damper.

In order to test the effect of the Aduro-tronic automatic control device we have tested 2 wood burning stoves. The Aduro 1 was the stove chosen for the testing period. One stove was not fitted with the Aduro-Tronic automatic device, the other with the Aduro-tronic automatic device. The test clearly showed that an Aduro 1 with an incorrectly adjusted damper burns up to 40% more wood per hour than the same stove equipped with Aduro-tronic. At the same time, particle pollution is approx. 3-5 times higher per hour when the wood stove burns with a constantly open damper (read the whole text below).

Test of the Aduro-tronic Automatic Device

The aim of the test was to see if the Aduro-tronic automatic device has an effect on the combustion, the fire wood consumption, on the emission of particles and whether this could lead to an environmentally friendlier combustion.

The tests were done over a period of 1 month, with exactly the same conditions for both stoves. Within this period both stoves were burning 7 hours a day, 4 days a week. Every morning a fire was lighted in both stoves according to the instructions in the user’s manual. A soon as a layer of embers had been created on the bottom of the combustion chamber, new wood was placed and re-light. Every morning a fire was lighted in both stoves according to the instructions in the user’s manual. The Aduro-tronic device was then activated on the stove that had it fitted. On the stove without the Aduro-tronic automatic device, the primary air supply was opened, and it stayed open during the whole test. (This means that the stove was not correct regulated, which happens a lot in most households.)


The conclusion that we reached is that an Aduro 1 with the Aduro-tronic automatic device mounted burns environmentally friendlier than an Aduro 1 without the automatic device.

The amount of fire wood spent during the test of the 2 stoves was calculated to show that the total amount of wood spent during a normal heating season of 5 months (multiplied by 5).

This calculation shows that the fire wood consumption in the stove without Aduro-tronic is 728 kg whereas the consumption is only 416 kg during a heating season in a stove which has the Aduro-tronic automatic device built in. This means that the fire wood consumption in a stove with the Aduro-tronic automatic device is 40 % less per hour compared to the consumption in a stove without Aduro-tronic burning with a constantly open primary air supply.

If you operate your wood burning stove manually and at the same time perfectly, this will involve operation of the damper approx. every ½ minute the first 6 minutes after each firing. The savings will then be 0%. Therefore, the savings are in the range of up to 40%, depending on how often and well you regulate the dampers. Experience from customer analyses and surveys from Danish DMU shows that many consumers do not use their stove perfectly - and that it is difficult in practice to make the same results as in the test lab.

The emission of harmful particles from the stove with Aduro-tronic is 1/6 compared to the emission from the stove without the Aduro-tronic device burning with a constantly open primary air supply.

New stoves burn clean, effective and environmentally friendly - when operated correctly. In order to achieve an optimal combustion, the primary air supply needs to be regulated several times within the first few minutes of each firing. With the Aduro-tronic automatic this happens automatically, so you do not need to do this manually. This means less work and a better combustion.

Aduro-tronic quick guide

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