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Minimal effort – improved combustion

New wood burning stoves burn clean, efficient and environmentally friendly when used correctly. To achieve a good combustion the air to the burn chamber must be controlled very precisely with a few minutes interval every time wood is added to the fire, but in practice this is often forgotten. With patent pending Aduro-tronic automation, the primary air supply is automatically regulated, so you do not have to regulate the combustion. You will just have to put dry wood in the wood stove, light it up and activate the automation. This means less work, less wood use and an improved combustion.

Improved fuel economy and combustion

Aduro-tronic is designed to maintain a bed of hot embers for as long as possible, meaning longer intervals between stoking up. A wood burning stove that is used incorrectly has a significantly higher consumption of wood, as well as a significant particle emission. Measurements made by the Danish Environmental Research in residential neighbourhoods shows, that some wood burning stoves are not operated correctly, thereby discharging a larger number of particles in the smoke. Tests have shown, that a wood stove, that burns with an incorrectly adjusted damper, burns up to 70% more wood per hour than a wood stove equipped with Aduro-tronic. At the same time, particle pollution is approx. 3-5 times higher per hour when the wood stove burns with a constantly open damper.

With Aduro-tronic you get

  • Improved comfort and easy use
  • More heat for your money – reduce your firewood consumption by up to 40%*
  • A clean and environmentally friendly combustion – minimum discharge of particles
  • A simple solution for greater enjoyment

* Savings when using Aduro-tronic depends on how good you are at operating your stove.

All Aduro wood burning stoves comes equipped with Aduro-tronic by default.

We have tested the function of the Aduro-tronic and are pleased to show you the test results here.

Aduro-tronic quick guide

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