Aduro Smart Response - The intelligent thermometer for your stove

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Do you want to achieve the cleanest possible combustion?
And send less smoke into the neighborhood?
Do you want more heat for your money and get the optimum output of your firewood?
And at the same time use as little time as possible on the combustion process?

Thanks to the constant development by Aduro you can now use the patented technology of Aduro Smart Response on your wood burning stove regardless of brand and model.

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Your personal firing aid

With Aduro Smart Response your smartphone or tablet will become your personal firing aid, helping you obtain a correct combustion process and optimal use of your firewood. Aduro Smart Response is a wireless unit with two sensors that communicate in real time with an app on your smartphone or tablet. With the app you are able to check when you should add wood to the fire, how hot your wood burning stove is and whether the stove burns at a too high or too low temperature.

Aduro Smart Response makes it easier to heat your home and reach optimal combustion. Save time, money and energy by ensuring correct use of your wood burning stove.

How does the solution work?

Thanks to numerous tests in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute, Aduro has gathered the most important data of combustion to create an algorithm that brings the secret of optimal combustion directly to the screen of your smartphone or tablet.

To ensure precise results, you will need to enter some values which are available on the wood burning stove’s identification plate or in the manual. The app will show you individual tips on how to optimise the use of your wood burning stove and notify you when to add wood to the fire and whether combustion is optimal.

Notice: the shown temperature in the app might differ from your own temperature measurement. Aduro Smart Response processes the measured temperature in an algorithm which estimates the flue gas temperature in the flue pipe.

In Aduro Smart Response you will find interactive guides on heating with firewood and a system that tracks and stores your stove's performance and allows you to compare results with thousands of users around Europe.

Aduro Smart Response can be used on:

  • iPhone (all models after 5th gen.)
  • iPod Touch 6th gen.
  • iPad 4th gen.
  • Android (versions after 5.0)

Keep in mind that Aduro Smart Response fits ALL WOOD BURNING STOVES REGARDLESS OF BRAND AND MODEL. However, you do need access to the flue pipe in order to place the temperature sensor.

The box contains:

  • Wireless temperature box with two sensors
  • Quick guide

The box uses 3 x AAA batteries. These are not included in the box.
Free download of the app in App Store or on Google Play.
Transmits data via Bluetooth Low Energy

How to install the box

In the app, you'll find an exact guide to placing the sensor box and the temperature sensor on all Aduro models.

When installing Aduro Smart Response on models other than Aduro models, see below:

The ASR sensor box is equipped with magnets so that both temperature feeler, firing sensor and Bluetooth box can be placed on the stove without the use of tools. You can perhaps hide the cord behind the wood burning stove’s outer wall if it’s possible. The temperature sensor must be placed so measurement A is 10 centimetres, see the illustration.

Switch B can be placed where you think it's the most fitting. It must be activated each time you put firewood in the stove. It can be activated with your finger, a damper or you can use the door. It's all in the manual which you find on the app.

Placement of components

Close-up point B


See the advantages of using Aduro Smart Response below.

Preben Brøchner

"I always thought I was using my stove correctly, but now I can see that the temperatures at which I was burning were much too high. At the same time it is really smart that it lets you know when it is time to add more wood."


Bolius, the Danish homeowners’ knowledge center, has written the following about Aduro Smart Response:

”This app can be a control tool that ensures the temperature in your wood burning stove is at a level that minimizes pollution through the chimney. It is beneficial for yourself, your neighbors and for the environment.”