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Get optimal draft in your chimney and less smoke in the neighbourhood

Modern wood burning stoves make greater demands on the chimney. That’s why many wood burning stove owners experience problems with bad draft in the chimney. The typical problems are:

  • Problems lighting the fire
  • Smoke in the living room when the door is opened
  • Bad combustion and smoke in the neighbourhood

Aduro DraftOptimizer is the solution. Aduro DraftOptimizer is an advanced smoke exhauster which is mounted on top of the chimney and ensures a constant, even chimney draft. The smoke exhauster elevates the smoke in the chimney and diluting it up to 25 times and thus reduces the smoke and smell nuisances outside. Aduro DraftOptimizer fits both old and new chimneys.

Buy Aduro Aduro DraftOptimizer online

You can buy the Aduro DraftOptimizer directly in our online shop. Please notice that there are two different versions:

Remote control

Aduro offers as an accessory a remote control that makes it possible to regulate the speed and thus control the combustion according to one's needs. You can buy the remote control directly in our online shop.

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With Aduro DraftOptimizer you’ll get:

  • Less smoke out in the living room
  • Less smoke out of the chimney
  • Easy lighting of the fire
  • No water inside the chimney
  • Improved combustion – draught can be adjusted
  • 24V engine with low energy consumption and no need for a three-point plug
  • Strong dilution of smoke = less smoke and smell nuisances
  • Made of stainless steel AISI 304

Aduro DraftOptimizer functions with wood burning stoves and closed fireplace inserts with a maximum power of 15 kW and withstands up to 500°C.



24 VDC


400 - 1.300 RPM

Current strength 

1,3 A

Power consumption 

1,8 W - 22 W


8.5 kg

Maximum operating temperature



AISI 304


Black and polished steel


Aduro DraftOptimizer is easy to mount and does not require any special tools. It’s mounted on top of the chimney and controlled from inside the house. It can be mounted on all round vents with a diameter between Ø146-200 mm. For square-shaped brick vents of up to 240x240 mm it’s possible to get a square-shaped flange.

The package contains

  • Aduro DraftOptimizer with 8 meter UV resistant black cable and mounting flange Ø146-Ø200 mm
  • Power supply
  • Control box
  • 5 meter white cable
  • Draft regulator

Download user manual and installation guide here