Aduro pellet stoves

Quick and easy heating of your home 

Aduro pellet stoves combine modern Scandinavian design with maximum thermal comfort and innovative technology. You get a view of the flames while avoiding dealing with firewood. All you need to do is to fill up the stove with wood pellets, and after a few minutes, you can see flames and enjoy the warmth. On all models, there is an option to turn down or turn off the fan if you would like a quiet moment. 

Pellet stoves can be programmed on a weekly basis and function as the primary heat source or as a good supplement to other heat sources.  

Benefits of Aduro pellet stoves 

  • Danish design 
  • Efficient heating
  • Easy operation with the stove's touch display. With the Aduro Wi-Fi module, you can control the stove anywhere and anytime via the app. 
  • Easy filling of pellets 
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance 
  • Several models are air tight and can be supplied with air from outside

More warmth for your money

Since fuel is added to an Aduro pellet stove several times every minute, the combustion will always be better than in a traditional wood burning stove, in which firing happens every other hour. The energy efficiency is also greater. 

Wood pellets or firewood?

The big difference between a pellet stove and a wood burning stove is especially the flames, the noise level and the operation. The alluring fire in a wood burning stove is replaced by more static flames in the pellet stove as well as the sound of the fan that distributes the heat. On the other hand, you avoid struggles with chopping firewood and igniting in a pellet stove. The only thing you need to do is to fill up the stove with wood pellets, and the technology will take care of the rest. A pellet stove can typically burn for around 24 hours on one filling – and often for several days without cleaning.   

In some cases, for instance in Aduro P2, the fans are replaced by natural convection, which distributes the hot air evenly in the room. 

If you would like the comfort from wood pellets and the beautiful flames from firewood in one and the same stove, our Hybrid series is the right choice for you. It combines the two worlds in the best way possible. Read more here

Service check

A pellet stove needs continuous maintenance and a professional service check once a year.