Aduro Outdoor Fireplace

Take the warmth and the cosiness outside with Aduro Outdoor Fireplace, designed by award-winning Danish architect Torben Madsen. The outdoor fireplace is perfect for gathering around on a warm summer night, creating a cosy atmosphere for outdoor relaxation.

The cone shaped design gives the outdoor fireplace a chimney effect, so the smoke is not a nuisance to its surroundings, and the large opening creates a direct view to the flames.

Measures (HxWxD): 124 x 60 x 58 cm  
Weight: 32 kg


The fireplace is available in two variants: black quality steel and corten steel. The corten steel will get a nice, rust-coloured patina when exposed to sunshine, rain and wind. A uniform rust coating forms, which is very resistant. Both variants can stand outside all year round.

How to accelerate the patina process
The patina finish process can be accelerated by spraying the fireplace with a salt water mixture. If done regularly, your fireplace will get the red, glowing patina finish in no time. Continue the spraying until the desired result is achieved. 


Aduro offers a grill grid with three different height adjustements. This will make it possible to cook food on your Aduro Outdoor Fireplace. The grid is made in stainless steel with wooden handles and can be hidden discreetly underneath the bottom plate when not in use. You can buy the grill grid in our online shop here.


The Danish architect Torben Madsen, who designed the fireplace, describes the thoughts behind the fireplace in the following way:

"A couple of logs in the fireplace will make any evening nicer and warmer. The cone shaped outdoor fireplace gives a chimney effect which will make make the smoke go straight up and let you enjoy your terrace in truely fresh air. It is also possible to barbeque directly on the glowing wooden logs, and with Aduro's bbq-grid it is possible to prepare almost all kinds of bbq-food. With its dynamic shape the fireplace will light up any back yard or terrace, even when not in use."