Aduro Fire Ball in cast iron

Aduro Fire Ball is a beautiful and harmonic fire ball which functions both as a fire bowl and as a grill. The Fire Ball is made from cast iron, which gives it a massive and solid look, and with its round shape, it fits naturally into the terrace or the garden. 

Material: Cast iron
Measures: Ø: 47 cm / H: 25 cm
Weight: 17,5 kg
Grill grate: Included

Create a cosy atmosphere in the garden with a fireplace

When the temperature rises and the bright hours increase, most of us like staying outside. With a fireplace in the garden, you can get even more out of the long, bright summer evenings together with family and friends. An outdoor fireplace is perfect for gathering around, and you can easily move the fire ball around in the garden. You can buy the fire ball in our webshop here.

Make delicious food with Aduro Fire Ball

Aduro Fire Ball also works well as a grill. You can grill directly on the supplied grate, use fireproof pots and pans on the grate or bake directly in the embers. You can make the most fantastic dishes over the fire. Find inspiration below where we brought the fire basket to the beach to cook delicious food over the live fire.