Right of complaint Aduro Hybrid/pellet stove

Congratulations on your new Aduro hybrid stove/pellet stove!

Statutory right of complaint

The right to complain applies in accordance with the sales act in the country where the stove was purchased. The original purchase receipt with date is valid as proof.

All pellet stoves may require adjustment of the combustion air and the speed of the augers in order to optimize the function and to reach an effective and clean combustion. Aduro and our service partners can monitor and adjust your hybrid stove on Aduro Cloud. However, this is only possible if the stove is connected to the cloud via Wi-Fi. This happens as you set up the Aduro Hybrid / Aduro Pellet Stove app.

If you have difficulties getting the stove online, it can be because of your local Wi-Fi network, your router or how your smartphone is set up. You find guidance on connecting to Wi-Fi in our Customer Service Center.

It is required that your stove is online in the case you want to make a claim about combustion or function, but it is not Aduro’s responsibility to secure connection. You can purchase a service visit from one of our service partners to get the stove online.

The right of complaint does not cover:

  1. Damages resulting from incorrect installation and use of the stove, overheating and wrong or missing maintenance of the stove (including the mandatory service visits) etc.
  2. Consumable service parts (glass, gaskets, firebricks, slides, painted surfaces, electrical igniter, sensors/switches, brazier in cast iron, cast iron grate), which are subject to normal wear and tear. You can buy these parts in our webshop.
  3. Damages caused by electrical surcharge, (condensation) water in and around the chimney, too much or too little draft in the chimney and missing maintenance/cleaning of the chimney/flue pipe/installation.
  4. Damages to the stove caused by external influences or damages caused by the stove on other objects. 


Please be aware that the right to complain applies in accordance with the sales act in the country where the stove was purchased. If the stove is moved to another country or area far away from the dealer at which the stove was purchased (e.g., to an island), you are not guaranteed service options for the stove. The stove should always be purchased in the country and area where it is to be installed.