How to succeed with your Aduro Pellet stove

Here, you will find the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Aduro Pellet Stove. If you don’t find the answer to your questions here, we have collected all the answers in our customer service center.

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How does the stove work?

You can choose between 5 heat levels – 1 is the lowest, 5 the highest. Furthermore, you can choose the desired room temperature – in steps of 0.5 °C.

If you choose heat level 4 and turn on the stove, it will heat according to heat level 4 until the desired room temperature is reached. The stove will then automatically decrease the heat level as much as necessary to maintain the desired room temperature.

The higher the heat level, the faster the desired room temperature will be reached.

If you activate the stand-by function, the stove will turn off completely when the room temperature is 1 °C above the desired room temperature and turn on automatically when the temperature drops 1 °C below the desired room temperature.



How do I load my Aduro Pellet Stove with pellets?

The Aduro P1 series and the Aduro P2 come with an integrated pellet container with room for about 15 kg of wood pellets.

When you refill the pellet container while the stove is still hot, make sure not to burn yourself.

Use adequate appliances as the bags, in which pellets often are delivered, easily melt when they get in contact with the hot surface of the stove.


The Aduro P1 series is fitted with a container lid on the top:


The Aduro P2 is fitted with a container lid (drawer) on the right side:

Can I use my Aduro Pellet Stove 24/7?

The answer is YES. It only takes a little cleaning from time to time.

Depending on the quality of the pellets, the stove can run uninterrupted for a couple of days. However, we recommend cleaning the brazier once a day. Be aware that the stove must be turned off and cooled down before you clean the brazier.

How long will the pellet stove run with a full pellet container (~15 kg)?

Heat Level 1: ~21.5 hrs.
Heat Level 2: ~15 hrs.
Heat Level 3: ~11.5 hrs.
Heat Level 4: ~9.5 hrs.
Heat Level 5: ~7.5 hrs.

The average run time with a full container depends however on the quality of pellets and other factors that affect the combustion.
Furthermore, it is unlikely that the stove will run on heat level 4 or 5 for several hours as the stove will switch to a lower heat level when the desired room temperature is reached.

NB: Only applies to the P1 series 

How to use the app

  • Power Status: ON/OFF
  • Heat Level: 1–5 (when the stove is ON)
  • Room Temperature: Shows the current room temperature.
  • Smoke Temperature: Shows the current smoke temperature.
  • Calendar: Shows whether the calendar function is enabled or disabled.
  • Setup Button: Press the setup button to change the heat level and the desired room temperature and to turn the stove on or off.
  • Here you can change the heat level from 1–5.
  • You can turn the stove on and off using the Start/Stop button.
  • Here you can change the desired room temperature.
  • You can turn the stove on an off using the Start/Stop button.
  • Here you can enable and disable the calendar function.

How does the calendar function work?

In the app, you have the possibility to enable and disable the calendar function.

However, the timer programs (daily, weekly and weekend) must be adjusted and separately enabled via the display on the stove.

On the stove’s display, you can define several timeframes according to which the stove will turn on and off. The stove will then operate according to the currently chosen heat level and desired room temperature.

You can read more about the timer function and programming in the respective manual on our website:

Download the guide and connect your phone to the pellet stove and connect the pellet stove to your wifi.