How to succeed with your Aduro Hybrid stove

Here, you will find the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Aduro Hybrid. If you don’t find the answer to your questions here, we have collected all the answers in our customer service center.

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How to load Aduro Hybrid with pellets

The Aduro Hybrid has an integrated pellet container with room for 15 kilograms og wood pellets. Click the photo to see, how to load pellets with the accompanying funnel.

Aduro Hybrid comes with integrated pellet storage with room for 15 kilograms of wood pellets. See here, how you load pellets with the supplied funnel.

Can Aduro H1 burn 24/7?

The answer is YES. It only takes a little cleaning. If you would like to use the pellet function several consecutive days, it is possible to scrape slags and ash out from the brazier along the way. We always recommend cleaning the stove when it is cold, but cleaning of the brazier may be done when the stove is running. In this movie we show how (minute 8:00-8:25). The interval for cleaning is greatly influenced by the pellet quality. Therefore, it is important that you only use approved pellets, as some pellet types gives more slags and ash than other.

We recommend cleaning after every 13 kg of burned pellets (1 silo capacity), which is approximately the same as 8 hours in operation on heat level 3, 12-14 hours level 2 or 20-24 hours on heat level 1. 

How to ensure correct chimney draught with Aduro DraftOptimizer

The burning of pellets requires a stable draft in the chimney. Especially with remote ignition, it is important to ensure a stable and constant draft from the chimney, as it is not possible for you to watch and intervene.

The Aduro DraftOptimizer create the stable and constant draft. See further info here.

When using the Aduro Hybrid Stove with the Aduro DraftOptimizer (ADO) you have two options:

  1. You can control the ADO manually – either via the potentiometer or via the remote control. Be aware of that you should use the same setting/level every time as the Hybrid Stove needs stable draft.
  2. You can let the Aduro Hybrid stove control the ADO.

If you choose option #2, the Aduro Hybrid stove will start the ADO when the stove is in pellet mode. If you switch from pellets to firewood, the stove will keep the ADO running until the smoke temperature is below 50 degrees Celsius.

If you only want ADO to help while lighting the firewood, you can set the stove in pellet mode for one minute before stopping it again. Hereafter, ADO will start for 5 minutes.

How the Hybrid's room temperature control works

The stove adjusts itself to heat levels 1, 2 and 3 and adapts the heat level every 15 minutes after the desired room temperature. If the room temperature is 1 degree greater or less than the desired room temperature, then the heat level will automatically adjust itself (maximum one level at the time). See below for detailed explanation.

  1. If the stove is off: If the desired room temperature that is selected is higher than the current room temperature the stove will turn on and start operating. The stove starts the ignition process and continues to operate at heat level 3 until the minimum smoke temperature for heat level 1 is reached. Go to point 3 for more detailed information.
  2. If the stove is operating and the room temperature adjustment function is selected on the app, and the smoke temperature has been greater than the minimum smoke temperature required for heat level 1, then the time is counted in which the room temperature is either more than 1 degree too low or too high. Go to point 3 for more detailed information.
  3. If the room temperature has a degree, that is more than 1 degree below the desired room temperature, then the stove will automatically move 1 operational heat level up after few seconds at the first level change. If the time in which the room temperature continues to be too low surpasses 10 minutes, then the control system will automatically increase the operational level an additional step up, i.e. from level 2 to 3. If the room temperature is more than 1 degree higher than the desired room temperature, the operational heat level is reduced 1 step down immediately. If the room temperature continues to be more than 1 degree above the desired room temperature for more than 10 minutes, then the control system will move an additional step down, i.e. from level 3 to 2 or from level 2 to 1.

The stove however only changes the heat level one time “immediately”, the other level changes are hereafter taken with a minimum of 10 minutes interval.

Why does the pellet function sometimes not cut out before the smoke temperature is above 300°C, when the user manual states it should turn off at 280°C?

When the smoke temperature reaches around 280°C, the pellet function will turn off. The extinguishing process lasts 5 minutes, to ensure the augers are cleared of remaining pellets. The fan will run at max level and the temperature will rise during these 5 minutes, leading the stove to reach a smoke temperature above 300°C before the actual pellet function turns off.

What is the optimal smoke temperature at the three different heat levels?

It depends on the chimney and the settings of the stove, but with an optimal installation, the smoke temperature will be: 

  • heat level 1: 130-150
  • heat level 2: 165-200
  • heat level 3: 235-265

Which smartphones does the app work on?

The app is compatible with iOS models from iPhone 6 or later versions and Android versions from 5.1.



How to use the app

First screenshot

  • Power Status: Ignition, Heating, Stopped, Wood heating, Turned off, Alarm
  • Heat Level: 1,2,3 or room temperature control
  • Smoke temperature
  • CO level: A green bar is OK. If the bar reaches yellow, the hybrid stove will lower its heat level to 1. If the bar reaches red, the stove with turn off itself.
  • App version
  • Setup button: Here, you can swap between heat level and room temperature control. If the button flashes green, the pellet function is started - but the stove is waiting for the smoke temperature to drop below 100 degrees Celsius. When the smoke temperature is below 100 degrees Celsius, the pellet function will start.

Second screenshot

  • When pressing you change between heat level and room temperature control.

Third screenshot

  • On/off button
  • Guide for setup and language selection (if you want to leave the guide, you must close the app and restart)

How does the timer/week program work?

Timer/week program makes it possible to plan, how the stove should run during the week. When you open settings, a new window will open giving you the option to set up heat level, wanted room temperature and timer. When pressing timer, a time table will open. In the time table, you can program, how the stove should run during the week.

You can see whether the timer is activated by looking at the round "on" logo above the flag. When the logo says "turned off", the timer is activated.

It is important that you on the front page of the app can see a small picture of a clock (underneath the picture of the stove). This means that the timer is activated and that the stove is programmed to follow the timer. 

The picture on the right illustrates, how it looks when timer has been selected. All days and timeslots will be marked green at the start. There are 5 icons in the top. We will explain them below:

The red icon is the ”off switch” which is used when the stove has to be turned off at specific times. You can mark the days/times off the day, where you want the stove to be turned off, with red.

The blue icon is the room temperature. The days where you want a specific room temperature, you can use the blue button to mark it in the timetable. The timer adjust according to the temperature you have chosen in the app. The green icon is heat level, ie. the three heat levels offered in the app. As with the desired room temperature, the timer can remember the heat level, which is set. This is the level your stove will adjust to at the times marked with green.

The icon with two arrows is the ”Reset button” that remembers and resets your time table to default. The icon with a floppy disk/drive is the save function, ie. When you have chosen your plan, you will have to remember to press this icon.

Example of how the timer function works:

You can set the stove, so your room temperature is 25° from 12 AM to 12 PM. From 12 PM, you keep running with the chosen heat level. See picture below. You can however not set the stove to 25°C from 12 AM to 12 PM and then set it to 20°C from 12 PM. If you want temperature changes during the day, you can only set it up to swap between wanted room temperature and heat level. Not from room temperature to room temperature.

Download the guide and connect your phone to the Hybrid stove and connect the Hybrid stove to your wifi.

Here you will find a guidance about the most important features of the Aduro Hybrid stove. It is important to know about these features in order to get the full benefit of the stove.