Aduro Hybrid Stoves

With Aduro Hybrid, you can enjoy the dancing flames and the warm atmosphere from real logs of an authentic Danish stove. You can also burn pellets overnight, circulating the heat around the home so it is warm when you get up the next morning.

Take a look at our range of hybrid stoves below, to find the stove that suits you.

Aduro H1

Aduro H1 with a 180-degree view of the fire.

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Aduro H2

Aduro H2 without side glass. Possibility for a shorter distance to the combustible material.

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Aduro H3 Lux

Aduro H3 Lux with a black glass door.

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NEW - Aduro H4 Lux

Aduro H4 Lux without side glass and with a large black glass door. 


Aduro H5

Aduro H5. Stylish, simple and cubic hybrid stove.

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