Aduro accessories

We offer all accessories for your wood burning stove, pellet stove and hybrid stove.

Our stove accessories are designed with a focus on giving you a better experience with your wood burning stove, pellet stove and hybrid stove. The practical companion sets make the cleaning of your stove easy, the kindling products make the ignition fast and simple, and the firewood baskets enables you to store your firewood in an aesthetic way while it is right at hand.

Aduro is constantly working on developing products that make it easier for you to achieve a good combustion. Aduro Smart Response, which is an intelligent thermometer, enables you to follow the combustion on your smartphone and optimize it. Aduro Fresh Air Kit makes it possible to supply fresh air from outside into the combustion chamber, so you get enough oxygen for the combustion.

You can read more about all our accessories below, or go directly to accessories for Aduro Hybrid or accessories for Aduro pellet stoves.

    Aduro Smart Response - The intelligent thermometer for you wood burning stove

    Have all current firing data sent directly to your smartphone or tablet, no matter the brand or model of your wood burning stove. Get a cleaner combustion, less smoke out of the chimney and more heat for your money with Aduro Smart Response.