Flow Kit Aduro 9 Series

To get the best result from your wood burning stove there must be sufficient draft in the chimney. The draft in the chimney is the engine in the system. The draft is created because of the difference between the air/smoke inside the chimney and the temperature outside. The wind outside is also playing a role, as it can reinforce or reduce the draft, depending on local conditions. In particular, the height of the chimney is crucial for the influence of the wind.

New modern stoves cool the smoke more than old stoves to make better use of the wood. The heat is to a greater extent send out in the room instead of coming up through the chimney. In practice, some find that this causes problems when the chimney is not good enough to draw properly. It is particularly present for stoves with a lot of glass and a high placed combustion chamber, because the smoke in these stoves is cooled down on a very small area through the convectionsystem in the stove.

To offer a solution for those customers who have problems with low chimney draft, we have developed a special kit for Aduro 9 series, which we call Aduro 9 Flow. With this kit you can simply adjust the stove to give a higher exhaust temperature, which will improve the draft.
Aduro 9 Flow burns as clean as our regular Aduro 9 series and the appearance does not change. Because of the higher exhaust temperature, however, the efficiency is lowered from 81.5 to 74 %. Aduro 9 Flow uses a little bit more of the tree's energy to "reinforce" the chimney.

Aduro 9 Flow kit consists of:

  • 1 x exhaust deflector
  • 1 x heat shield to mount on the back of the stove (do not use this on Aduro 9.3, 9.3 Lux, 9.4, 9.5, 9.5 Lux & 9.7)
  • New rating plate

NB: If you have an Aduro 9 or 9.6, you can reduce the distance to combustible material behind the stove from 20 cm to 10 cm when installing the flow kit.

Buy Aduro 9 Flow Kit in our webshop

You can buy the flow kit directly in our webshop. Please notice that there are two different versions:

Article number 53318: For stoves with a baffle plate in metal that is fastened to bolts.


Download user manual

Article number: 53318ER: For stoves with a baffle plate in metal that is placed on hooks.


Download user manual