NEW: The Aduro Bio Stove brings comfort to your home

We are finally able to introduce a new range of bio stoves. Not only do they heat the room, but they also give your home an extra touch of cosiness! The bio stoves have a timeless and classic Danish design.

The round shape elegantly frames the flames and opens up an enchanting view of the fire. With a simple fill of bioethanol and a spark from the lighter, you can instantly transform your room into a magical place where living flames dance and spread warmth and cosiness in seconds.

But it's not just the look that's impressive. With an Aduro bio stove, you get:

Choose your favourite

The bio stove is available in two versions, allowing you to tailor the solution that best suits your needs. Take a look at our selection of bio stoves below: 


Light it up with peace of mind

The Aduro bio stove is thoroughly tested, and we therefore guarantee a safe and secure user experience. When refilling with bioethanol, you can easily remove the burner from the bio stove using the handle provided. This allows you to refill the bioethanol wherever you store it. Thanks to the patent-pending feature Aduro Bio-Safe, you will not be able to refill bioethanol if the burner is over 40 degrees, as a heat-sensitive spring blocks the handle from attaching. This ensures safety when using the Aduro Bio Stove. Read more about Aduro Bio-Safe here.

Place it wherever you like

The bio stove can be placed more or less anywhere in your home, wherever you want to create a cosy and warm atmosphere. Place the bio stove in the middle of the room and let it be the focal point of a cosy evening or place it in the corner and let the dancing flames set the perfect mood. On the other hand, a wall-hanging bio stove is the perfect choice for small homes, where floor space is limited.

Minimal cleaning and maintenance

The major advantage of a bio stove is the user friendliness and comfort. The stove requires no connection to power or a chimney, it is quick to light and to put out, and it requires minimal cleaning and maintenance. There is no soot, smoke, and ash.