Should you choose a wood burning stove, pellet stove, or hybrid stove?

No matter if you want to burn with firewood, pellets or both, Aduro can offer you a user-friendly and modern stove that meets your needs and your preferences. Below, you can learn more about the different types of stoves. 


Why choose an Aduro wood burning stove?

Many associate the flame in a wood burning stove with the real thing. The dancing flames and the sound of the crackling fire creates a cosy athmosphere in the room. If you choose an Aduro wood burning stove, you will get a modern and stylish stove with user-friendliness in mind. All Aduro stoves are equipped with Aduro-tronic, which regulates the primary air automatically and completely without electricity. This ensures that you get the most out of the wood. In addition, an Aduro wood-burning stove is characterized by a stylish Scandinavian design and is available in a wide selection to suit every taste.



Why choose an Aduro pellet stove?

With a pellet stove, you do not get the same level of cosiness compared to a regular wood burning stove. However, you can benefit from the technology hidden in the pellet stove: A pellet stove gives you the possibility to regulate the room temperature, you can control it from your phone, and thanks to the automatic combustion process, you get a cleaner combustion and higher efficiency compared to a regular wood burning stove. In addition, you can enjoy a good view of the flames while avoiding dealing with firewood. If choosing a pellet stove from Aduro, you will therefore not only get a pellet stove in a modern Scandinavian design, but also maximum thermal comfort and the possibility of burning day and night. 



Why choose an Aduro hybrid stove?

A hybrid stove combines the best from the wood burning stove and the pellet stove. The stove can be used as a classic wood burning stove with beautiful flames, noiseless use and the cosiness from firewood. You can always get heat, even if the power goes out. In addition, the pellet function allows you to set a desired room temperature, make time programs and much more. You can burn overnight and heat the house when you are not home. If choosing a hybrid stove from Aduro, you will therefore get a high level of user-friendliness and advanced technology wrapped in a stylish, Nordic design.