Combine your own expression

Aduro's bio stoves can all be combined with decorative oakwood legs, a metal foot or a wall bracket. Read more about the three combination options below.  

Place on decorative oakwood legs

With these decorative oak legs, the stove gets an exclusive look, which makes it a striking feature in the room. In addition, the legs provide countless opportunities to place the bio stove wherever you want.

Mount the stove on the wall

If you choose to combine the bio stove with a wall bracket, you can mount the stove on the wall. In this way, you can elevate the stove and thus enjoy the view of the beautiful flames.

A small, practical metal foot

If you choose the metal foot, you can place the stove on all non-combustible surfaces and easily move it around as needed. Take it out on the terrace and enjoy the cosiness of the living flames.

Choose the right solution

Our bio stoves give you the opportunity to tailor the solution that best suits your home, and which combination option you choose depends entirely on your needs.