Light it up with peace of mind

We wanted to ensure safety when lighting your Aduro Bio Stove. For this reason, you can easily remove the burner from the bio stove using the handle provided and refill with bioethanol wherever you store it. The burner is filled with ceramic fibres, which absorb the bioethanol like a sponge, making it easy and safe to move the burner and light the stove.

The patent-pending feature, Aduro Bio-Safe, indicates when the stove is too hot to refill. A heat-sensitive spring prevents attaching the handle when the stove is over 40 degrees Celsius.

The Aduro bio stoves have undergone extensive safety testing and have been tested according to the European standard EN16647:2015.

When refilling bioethanol, please follow these safety instructions:

  • Make sure that the stove is turned off and cold before refilling.
  • Use good quality bioethanol.
  • Use a standard household funnel when refilling.
  • Use bottles with 1 liter as these are easier to handle.
  • Pour slowly to avoid overfilling and spilling.
  • If you spill anything, clean it up immediately and don’t light the stove until the area is dry.