Bioethanol for your Aduro bio stove

Aduro's bio stove runs on bioethanol. The advantage of bioethanol is that it is an organic material that does not emit smoke, soot or ash, like in a regular fire-burning stove. It is also easy to ignite.

Firing without obnoxious smells

The kind of bioethanol you use to light your Aduro Bio Stove matters, as a poor-quality bioethanol can lead to unpleasant odours and, in the worst case, it can damage the burner. The choice of bioethanol also has an influence on the flame, the effect and how easy it is to ignite.

You should therefore only use liquid bioethanol with a percentage of 93–96.5% for optimal lighting and combustion. In addition, the bioethanol should be approved for combustion in a bio stove. Only use bioethanol marked with UN:1170, which is recommended for bioethanol burners.
Please be aware that there are products on the market which contain oil and petroleum. These products CANNOT be used in Aduro bio stoves.

Bioethanol must be handled with care since it is a liquid, combustible fuel. You must therefore never fill the stove with bioethanol when it is hot or in use. Read more about safe application here.