Asgård wood burning stoves with simple use and clean combustion

When you buy an Asgård wood stove from Aduro, you do not only get a stove. You get a user-friendly stove developed with the environment in mind. Thus, all our wood burning stoves are developed in cooperation with the Danish Institute of Technology. This is your guarantee that your wood stove is amongst the least polluting on the market.

Asgaard stoves give you

An Asgård wood burning stove is not just a beautiful stove. Your stove from Asgård comes with a number of advantages, such as:

  • Easy operation
  • Environmentally friendly combustion
  • Stylish Danish design and technology
  • Direct access to original spare parts at
  • High value for money due to efficient production and distribution

Take a look at our broad range of wood burning stoves below to find a stove that suits you, or roll down to read more about our wood stoves.

An Asgård wood burning stove is the environmentally friendly choice

If you are looking for a wood burning stove that is not just cheap, but also environmentally friendly, an Asgård wood stove from Aduro is the right choice. Our target with Asgård stoves is, to produce quality stoves at competitive prices.

Everything on firewood and wood burning stoves

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