Aduro P1.4

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Pellet stove with white glass sides

Aduro P1.4 is a round pellet stove in Scandinavian design. The stove has white glass sides that give the stove a harmonious look in contrast to the stove's black glass door. With the integrated Wi-Fi module, you can operate the stove no matter where you are. You can use the stove at 5 different levels of which level 1 is quiet and runs with no fan. 

Aduro P1.4 can be installed in two different ways. You can either lead out the flue pipe behind or above the stove through the rear outlet. In addition, the stove comes with external air supply, which means that fresh air is supplied from outside and directly into the pellet stove. Aduro P1.4 is airtight, so you can install it anywhere.


Nominal power


8 kW


Operational area


3-8 kW




30-140 m2


Energy efficiency


92% (3 kW) / 91% (8 kW) 


Energy efficiency index




Energy efficiency class




Power consumption


120-460 Watt


Chimney draft


According to EN14785. 10-14 Pa with a cold stove.



Flue outlet diameter rear (with option for top outlet)


Ø80 mm


Outer dimensions (HxWxD)


110,09 x 53,3 x 54,35 cm


Distance from floor to centre of rear outlet


18,49 cm




95 kg


Wood pellet capacity


15 kg




Pellets Ø6 mm, max length 40 mm. Pellets in ENplus A1 quality (or similar - see P1 manual).


Distance to combustible material



30 cm


To the side


30 cm


Distance to furniture


80 cm



EN14785, CE & Ecodesign 2022


Pellet type

You should only use bright Ø6 mm pellets with a max lenght of 30 mm - type ENplus quality A1. You can read more about which wood pellets we recommend here.



The app is compatible with Apple iOS version 10 or newer versions and Android versions from 4.1.



Distance to combustible material

For user manual for Aduro P1.4, click here.