Light up with your smartphone

The Aduro Hybrid is equipped with an integrated Wi-Fi module, which makes it possible to control the stove via smartphone / tablet. This allows you to warm up the house when you are not at home and follow the combustion at all times.

You easily navigate the app, which allows you to adjust the heat level, room temperature, and even program a weekly program. You are thus able to plan how the stove should operate during the week and preset the stove to fire at a certain room temperature.

The app is compatible with iOS 12 or later versions and Android versions from 5.0.


  • Can start itself and maintain room temperature
  • Programming options with weekly program and temperature control
  • Can turn on itself without the use of matches
  • The app helps you get the most out of the stove

Aduro Cloud

By registering Aduro Hybrid on Aduro Cloud, you will get direct access to your stove’s data: what it does, how it burns, as well as the option to adjust the stove's settings. At the same time, Aduro Cloud monitors the stove so Aduro is able to prevent faults and stoppages.