Use pellets or firewood

With Aduro Hybrid, you have more options. Easily and efficiently burn wood pellets or add firewood and enjoy the cosy ambience of the living flames. You can switch between wood and pellets at any time: you can add firewood while using the pellet function, ignite firewood with the help of pellets, or set the stove to automatically start the pellet function when the firewood has burned out.

Firing with pellets

You should only use Ø6 mm pellets with a maximum length of 30 mm conforming to certified class 1 standards according to ISO 17225-2 (DIN plus or EN plus 14961-2 A1 or PEFC / 04-31-0220 or ONORM M7135). We recommend that you use wood pellets of a good quality which break easily - and bright pellets rather than dark pellets, as dark pellets can have a negative impact on the noise level, energy efficiency and cleaning intervals of the stove. The humidity must not exceed 10% of the weight, while the ash content must be lower than 1% of the weight.

Firing with firewood

We recommend regular use of firewood, as this cleans the combustion chamber and optimises combustion. You can always use the wood function regardless of whether the power is out or at other interruptions. 

We recommend the use of split hardwood that has been stored outdoors under cover for at least 1 year and has a moisture level of max. 18%. Wood that has been stored indoors has a tendency to become too dry and will burn too quickly. The wood should be chopped into logs with a diameter of approx. 10 cm and a log length of max. 39 cm. By using wet firewood, it increases the risk of producing soot, smoke and other environmentally damaging by-products.

Aduro Hybrid requires a stable chimney draft

Aduro Hybrid is a unique product that does not work like a regular pellet stove; instead, it requires a natural chimney draft. This is a prerequisite for the stove to work with firewood and without electricity. It is therefore not a typical pellet stove that blows smoke into the chimney and can run for long periods of time on wood pellets. The operating time – before light cleaning is required – depends on the level of heat, the quality of the wood pellets and the stability of the chimney draft. A stable chimney draft is critical for the successful use of the hybrid stove. Check out our guidelines for the placement of the chimney here.

If you want to improve the quality and duration of combustion while ensuring stable operation, Aduro offers Aduro DraftOptimizer, a smoke exhauster that can improve and stabilise a weak chimney draft.