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The majority of the Aduro stoves carry the Nordic Swan Eco-label. This is a guarantee that our products are amongst the best on the market. The guidelines are laid down by environmental experts and the authorities and they are so stricht that only few stoves are approved to carry the Eco-label. 

What does the Swan-label means?
- High efficiency, min. 76%
- Low emission of harmful particles, carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbon emissions (OGC).
- They are highly efficient and made of environmentally suitable materials.
- Control in the production

The Swan requirements on flue gas emissions are more stringent than the Norwegian, Swedish and Danish national regulations.  

Why choose the Swan label? 
The Swan label is well known and commands high consumer confidence throughout the Nordic countries. The Swan label is a simple way to communicate that a fireplace is among the best on the market from an environmental viewpoint and that it has been tested by a third-party laboratory. The Swan label enable manufacturers to reach a growing number of consumers who wish to reduce their impact on the environment by using fireplaces that produce the lowest emission levels and general environmental impact. Environmental issues are complex and it is difficult to compare the various parameters. For a long time, municipalities and other users have sought an aid that provides credible evaluations. The Swan leads the way. 

DEFRA Approval

Danes are particularly proud of their environmental commitment and Aduro leads the way as the only wood burner manufacturer in the world with a full range of Nordic Ecolabel stoves. We offer a wide range of DEFRA approved wood burning stoves for use in smokeless areas. The stoves are exempt under section 21 of the Clean Air Act 1993 for use within UK smoke control areas. 

With top tier efficiency and minimal emissions, an Aduro stove is the natural way to heat your home and reduce your carbon footprint.


Aduro 9 series

Aduro 15 series

Aduro 16

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Using a stove in a smoke control area


Firing with wood is CO2 neutral
You can fire your Aduro/Asgård wood-burning stove with a good conscience as heating with wood is CO2 neutral. Wood absorbs just as much CO2 from the atmosphere while the trees are growing as it releases when it is burned. Denmark saves approx. 500,000 tons heating oil every year by firing with wood and it is also the cheapest form of energy.