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DEFRA Approval

Danes are particularly proud of their environmental commitment and Aduro leads the way as the only wood burner manufacturer in the world with a full range of Nordic Ecolabel stoves. We offer a wide range of DEFRA approved wood burning stoves for use in smokeless areas. The stoves are exempt under section 21 of the Clean Air Act 1993 for use within UK smoke control areas. 

With top tier efficiency and minimal emissions, an Aduro stove is the natural way to heat your home and reduce your carbon footprint.


Aduro 9 series

Aduro 15 series

Aduro 16

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Using a stove in a smoke control area


Firing with wood is CO2 neutral
You can fire your Aduro/Asgård wood-burning stove with a good conscience as heating with wood is CO2 neutral. Wood absorbs just as much CO2 from the atmosphere while the trees are growing as it releases when it is burned. Denmark saves approx. 500,000 tons heating oil every year by firing with wood and it is also the cheapest form of energy.

Ecodesign is a directive implemented by the European Union to reduce the CO2 emissions and thus improve the air quality across the European borders. This directive sets out requirements for the energy efficiency and particle emission of products.

Even though the Ecodesign regulations will not come into force until 2022, all Aduro wood burning stoves, pellet stoves and hybrid stoves already comply with the requirements. When buying an Aduro stove, you are thus guaranteed a sustainable stove with an environmentally-friendly combustion.


Aduro and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Aduro is a supporter of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which strive for a more sustainable development for humans and our planet. We contribute to several of the Sustainable Development Goals, and we especially focus on the following goals:

Goal 3: Good health and well-being
We develop wood burning stoves, hybrid stoves and pellet stoves that emit less smoke and reduce smoke nuisance significantly. Moreover, our stoves contribute to a healthy indoor climate. The stoves renew the air in the room and contribute to preventing mould because they make sure that the temperature does not get too low or the room too humid.

Goals 7 and Goal 13: Clean energy & Climate action
Aduro wood burning stoves enable sustainable heating, since burning of wood is CO2 neutral. This means that you do not emit additional CO2 when you burn correctly in your wood burning stove. Firewood absorbs as much CO2 from the atmosphere while the trees are growing as the firewood releases when it is burned.

By heating your home through burning of wood, you avoid using heat sources based on fossil resources, such as coal, oil or gas. It is estimated that every 1 kg of burned firewood in a modern wood burning stove on average reduces the emission of between 0.5 (district heating) and 1 kg CO2 (electric heating and oil-fired boiler). On average, every new wood burning stove that is put into use saves approx. 3 tons of CO2 per year. 

At Aduro, we strive to make it easy to do it right and thereby also get an environmentally friendly combustion with a minimal CO2- and particle emission. We do that through innovations such as Aduro-tronic, Aduro Smart Response, Aduro Hybrid and Aduro DraftOptimizer, among other things.

Goal 12: Responsible production
We use recycled materials such as steel and cast iron, and for instance, the plastic funnel for our Aduro Hybrid is made from recycled plastic from Danish households. Thereby, we contribute to a circular economy in which resources are exploited as much as possible without waste. Meanwhile, the majority of the materials from our wood burning stoves can also be recycled, for instance the cast iron and the glass.