Aduro 17

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The large glass area embraces the fire and provides a direct view of the flames. The combustion chamber has an elegant finish and the handles’ discreet appearance secures an elegant look.

External air supply
Wood burning stoves need constant air supply to ensure a clean and efficient combustion process. However, this can be a problem in modern and energy efficient houses which are often very airtight. That's why Aduro 17 has an external air supply, meaning air for combustion can be brought from outside and led directly into the stove. The actual air intake is concealed by installing it behind or below the stove.

See our smart kit for mounting the fresh air HERE

Experience Aduro 17 with 360°

Now you can see it up close. Get a better impression of Aduro 17 all the way around with your smartphone or by using the mouse if you are sitting by the computer.


Nominal power


6,5 kW


Operational area


3-9 kW




30-140 m2


Energy efficiency




Energy class





Flue outlet top/rear


Ø150 mm


Dimension (HxWxD)


98,2 x 50 x 45,3 cm


Distance from bottom to centre of rear outlet


86,5 cm


Distance from centre of exhaust branch to rear edge of wood burning stove


20,3 cm


Width of wood chamber


40 cm


Max log length


39 cm




108 kg


Distance to combustible material

Please notice: New distance requirements!






7,5 cm


At side


70 cm


To furniture


100 cm



Ecolabel, DIN EN13240, CE, Defra, NS3058 & Ecodesign 2022



Convection stove


Air-wash system


Primary, secondary and tertiary air supply 




Possibility of extended warranty

Distance to combustible material

For user manual for Aduro 17, click here.


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