Aduro Hybrid - combined pellet and wood burning stove

Combined pellet and wood burning stove

Aduro Hybrid gives you the best of two worlds: Environmentally-friendly heating from wood pellets combined with the cosy ambience of firewood. Aduro Hybrid is a modern wood burning stove that can burn overnight and warm up the house when you are not at home.

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Save money on our outdoor products and get ready for the summer

We have reduced the price on all our outdoor products, so you can get ready for the long, bright evenings in the summer with a cosy fire on the terrace. Enjoy the heat from the outdoor fireplace, watch the flames in the fire basket or enjoy a crispy pizza from the pizza oven.

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Catalogue 2019/2020





Aduro catalogue 2019/2020

Our Aduro catalogue is full of news, inspirations, ideas and of course all our beautiful wood burning stoves.
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Aduro-tronic automation

Aduro-tronic automatically regulates the primary air of your wood burning stove with a simple pull - this gives you easy operation. Tests have shown that an Aduro 1 with an incorrectly adjusted damper burns up to 40% more wood than an Aduro 1 with Aduro-tronic. It won't get easier than that.

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Aduro Smart Response

Aduro Smart Response

Use less firewood and have clean smoke emanating from your chimney when you use the intelligent thermometer Aduro Smart Response. Aduro Smart Response is the first app for wood burning stoves which ensures correct combustion and optimal use of your firewood.

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Aduro Fire Ball

Visit our Outdoor Universe

With our Outdoor products you can create your own outdoor universe and thus enjoy the long summer evenings outside. Read more about our outdoor products and get inspired to create your own personal outdoor universe.

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All about wood burning stoves

Are you unsure about lighting a fire? Do you need guidance on which fuel is the most economical and environmentally friendly? On our content site you'll find articles and good advice on how to make it fun and easy too be a wood burning stove owner.

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