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Narrow wood burning stove with glass sides

Aduro 22.5 Lux is a tall, slender and elegant wood burning stove with an elevated combustion chamber, which gives you a perfect view of the fire 180° around. The elegant, black glass door catches the eye, while the handles discretely appears between the door and the storage compartment. The stove is visually lifted with the small base. The ideal stove for small rooms and houses.

The patented automatic device Aduro-tronic ensures that you get an effective, clean and environmentally friendly combustion - effortlessly.

External air supply
Aduro 22.5 Lux comes with external air supply, in which air is supplied directly from outside the house through an air inlet on the stove. The external air supply ensures air for the combustion, which can especially be an advantage in very airtight houses. You install the air inlet through the outer wall of the house and mount it behind or underneath the stove, where is it not visible.

See our convenient kit for mounting fresh air supply HERE.


Nominal power


5,5 kW


Operational area


3-9 kW




30-140 m2


Energy efficiency




Energy class





Flue outlet top/rear


Ø150 mm


Dimension (HxWxD)


113 x 44 x 40,3 cm


Distance from bottom to centre of rear outlet


101,3 cm


Distance from centre of exhaust branch to rear edge of wood burning stove


18,5 cm


Height exhaust branch above floor


111 cm


Width of wood chamber


36 cm


Max log length


35 cm




91 kg


Distance to combustible material

Please notice: New distance requirements!






7,5 cm


To the side


70 cm


To furniture


100 cm



Ecolabel, NS3058, CE, EN13240 & Ecodesign 2022



Convection stove


Air-wash system


Primary, secondary and tertiary air supply 


Ash pan


Distance to combustible material

For the user manual for Aduro 22.5 Lux, click here.


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